Let’s Vogue


Villa WV IND

The rains of October have abated, and the island of St. Barths is as lush and green as it will be all year. Beachfront restaurants are staffing up for the upcoming season, and there is a feeling of the calm before the storm. Not that St. Barths ever gets inundated Key West style with loads of tourists – after all the largest plane that its airport can accommodate is an 18 seater, and the harbor isn’t big enough or deep enough to welcome  cruise ships – however, come Thanksgiving, daily arrivals will start to increase, there will be a sense of excitement in the streets of  Gustavia, and beaches that are nearly deserted in the summer will see a few more souls.

Now, since it’s St. Barths, one has come to expect exciting things, albeit with a kind of quiet discrete tone. The start of this season brings just such news…a photo shoot for Vogue France. A team of 15 brave souls is now flying in from all points of the world for 10 days of fashion photography. St. Barths villa rental specialist, WIMCO Villas, is playing host to the team in a quiet, off the beaten track compound. Look for the fruits of this labor in the March and April editions of Vogue France.


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