August 2011 Villa of the Month: Villa Alisahnea



This staff recommended villa easily earns the merit of villa of the month. Villa Alisahnea is a beautiful waterfront property located in Mykonos, Greece. The villa is located within the Parenthesis Villa resort, and is adjacent to another WIMCO favorite, Villa Okyroe. Alisahnea contains 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, sleeping 8 to 10 people. Children are more than welcome, so bring the family or some friends and enjoy everything Alisahnea has to offer.


Each room is adorned with a classic and cool decor, relaxing the inhabitants before stepping outside into the dazzling Greek sunlight. The master bathroom has a beautiful sunken bath surrounded by natural rocks, a perfect example of the natural beauty this villa has to offer. The kitchen and living room are connected, giving a nice open feeling to the area. The kitchen also connects to the pergola, offering easy opportunities for outdoor eating.

The 3 bedrooms on the upper level consist of twin beds, and share 2 separate bathrooms. Each bedroom has its own private balcony and terrace, where visitors may enjoy beautiful sea views and catch Delos Island in the distance. A cozy studio is located underneath the pool area, which accommodates 2 more people and has its own bathroom and a kitchenette. Villa Alisahnea is located just steps away from the beautiful and secluded Kapari sandy beach. Enjoy the large pool area or walk down for some sun on the sand instead. Everything Alisahnea has to offer and its ideal location make it perfect for your next Greece vacation.


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