Best St. Barths Villas for Family Vacations

St. Barths is a great destination for a family that wishes to escape contemporary life and experience an enthralling vacation. With its vibrant French Caribbean atmosphere, as well as its famous restaurants, exquisite beaches, and unique views, St. Barths has all the qualities than can make for a memorable family vacation. Families will enjoy dining on French cuisine, swimming in crystal clear waters, and boating around the island. St. Barths offers many comfortable and polished villas which are perfect for families with their spaciousness, privacy and family-friendly amenities.

The following villas are some of WIMCO’s best selections for traveling families.

Villa WV BLH

WV ADR– A very cute beachfront villa enshrouded in vibrant shrubbery and blessed with a sweeping view of the Caribbean Sea. ADR is only a short distance away from the local bakery and supermarket, and is located next to Villa SJA, a one-bedroom villa perfect for a nanny.


Villa WV ADR

WV CEL-With its elegant and sleek design, Villa CEL allows clients to vacation in style, relax and take in the lovely enchanting atmosphere of St. Barths. All the rooms are under one roof, a benefit to families with younger children. Set with an outdoor pool and a billiards table, clients can have fun and enjoy the luxuries that life has to offer.


Villa WV CEL

WV AIA-Located on a lustrous hillside, this villa offers a very peaceful setting that is beautiful and safe. There is a sweeping view of the ocean and accompanying islands. The interior furnishing follows a very pretty and gentle theme, reinforcing the villa’s peaceful atmosphere.


Villa WV AIA

 WV BLH-With its unique design and countryside views, it is surely a villa that appeals to all the senses, and would forever remain in the memories of those who visit it. Teenagers will enjoy climbing the spiral staircase up to their bedroom suite with terrace.


Villa WV BLH


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