Make A Splash At Villa Okyroe

WIMCO Villa Okyroe

Villa Okyroe

Located in Mykonos, Greece, Villa Okyroe is a classic Greek villa that wows visitors when they first walk through the entryway. The unique Greek architecture, beautiful antique furniture, and of course, the infinity pool, are sure to create a sensation of love at first sight upon arrival. Visitors may rent Villa Okyroe as a 4 bedroom or 5 bedroom. The villa comes equipped with a fully functional kitchen, formal dining area, and a shaded outdoor dining area.

WIMCO Villa Okyroe

WIMCO Villa Okyroe

My family and I were fortunate enough to stay at Villa Okyroe when we went to Greece in June 2006. Having spent the previous days in the bustling city of Athens, we were delighting to feast our eyes upon the stunning Villa Okyroe. The infinity pool and panoramic view took our breath away every time, and we enjoyed countless hours of relaxation alongside them. While Mykonos is a wonderful area to explore, we were also completely happy in our villa every day, and would wake up to a scenic breakfast at the outdoor table, and catch the view while swimming in the infinity pool. The villa is located only a short drive away from various towns and beaches, so after a few hours of soaking up some sun and Greek culture, we would happily return to our dream home away from home.

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