Mangos, Avocados, Iguanas, it’s Mexico!

You look out onto the indigo ocean surrounded by the colors of mango, papaya, avocado, and guava. The musical chirping of birds and the sight of a green iguana suggests that you can only be in one place. You are surrounded by the beauties of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, a destination unlike any other, full of animation.

Villa Mandarinas

Enlivening ocean view from Villa MIT MAN

Say “Hola!” to Mexico and experience Villa Mandarinas, a 7 bedroom villa, distinctive in architecture and vibrant in color. This Mexico villa remains one of Puerto Vallarta’s brightest jewels. This architectural masterpiece cascades down six beautiful levels of native vegetation, over dramatic cliffs and through colorful gardens overlooking the beach.

You will be pleased to know that this very beach is where the 1964 motion picture, “The Night of the Iguana” was filmed. The film drew considerable attention for stories around its production because star, Richard Burton, had brought his soon-to-be-wife Elizabeth Taylor to the location shoot. This love affair attracted a large amount of paparazzi throughout the filming of the movie. This celebrity romance will forever be remembered and has turned the city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico into a world-famous romantic destination. You might just fall in love on the spirited beaches of Mexico!


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