New Trend: Sleek & Contemporary Villas in St. Barths

WIMCO Villa WV MBL, St. Barths

Villa WV MBL, St. Barths

Looking for a modern, contemporary villa that still has a Caribbean feel to it?  This style and design is becoming the hot new trend on the villa market for potential vacationers.  St. Barths is known for its luxurious villas and hotels that vacationers long to escape to.  Villa Anakao (WV MBL) is a prime example.  It is a chic two bedroom, two bathroom house in the St. Jean area of St. Barths.  Its elegance is consistent inside and out.  Each room is adorned with unique qualities such as high wood ceilings, sleek furnishings, and Asian décor.  The infinity pool (heated during the winter months) sits on the corner of the deck, allowing an extravagant view of the countryside.  This villa is perfect for families on the search for a modern and sleek getaway.

WIMCO Villa WV SEG, St. Barths

Villa WV SEG, St. Barths

Another fashionable villa in St. Barths is Villa WV SEG in Marigot.   The design of this particular house combines an industrial look with a bright pop of color.  Villa WV SEG has three sophisticated bedrooms, ideal if you are traveling with close couples.  The large kitchen is equipped with brand new stainless appliances.  Its two decks offer plenty of space to entertain.  Staying in this lustrous villa makes one feel like their living in a futuristic house, but with style!

Want to mix this contemporary trend with the Caribbean style you crave to retreat to?  Well, we have the perfect match for you!  Villa Victoria (WV VTA) provides the suave, smooth style of modern villas with the touch of Zen-like features.  The two bedrooms and two bathrooms are designed with alluring furnishings and art.  This villa defines St. Barths – classy and tasteful reputation.  Read a book on the back terrace, take a dip in the refreshing infinity pool, or nap and day-dream about the splendid vacation you’re having.

WIMCO Villa WV VTA, St. Barths

Villa WV VTA, St. Barths

All three of these St Barths villas offer the new designs and architecture of the modern world.  Many other houses follow this trend throughout St. Barths, so check them out at and let one of these fashionable villas accessorize your vacation!


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