Oh, the lemons of Capri….

Oh, the lemons of Capri…

by Jean D

The anticipation of my arrival in Italy was indescribable. I don’t know what I looked forward to most, visiting villas, tasting the cuisine, or just submersing myself into the Italian culture. We arrived in Rome, packed the car and then set out towards the bay of Naples with the magnificent Vesuvius in sight. Even in early evening the Volcano is so daunting. Almost 4 hours and many winding turns later, we arrived in the beautiful coastal village of Positano. The aromas around Positano are unforgettable, its so unique you can find a locally bottled air freshener that attempts to capture it, I have to admit that I bought a few bottles to enjoy for months to come.

We stayed at hotel Covo Del Sarceni in Positano, where the views from our rooms were absolutely breathtaking. While parking the car and emptying our luggage from the trunk we called the hotel to send porters for our bags. They arrived with a huge cart, and feeling a bit weary, I hopped on top of the luggage! I was able to talk the guy into taking me on the cart with the bags down to the hotel… little did I know I was going underground! I felt like Phantom of the Opera going underground with the water running across the path to come up on the other side at the beach. I loved everything about this place, the staff was so friendly and we made many friends there.

Villa BRV SMO – Simona

Villa Simona has seven bedrooms and a Jacuzzi with huge views of the Mediterranean Sea. It boasts a very professional kitchen and it has a special bar just for espressos and cappuccinos! The upper deck is very large for dining and sunning. They have had many great parties there too. They offer their own personal concierge service 5 days a week 9:30 am to 1 pm. The beach access is down 200 steps. You can take a water taxi to local restaurants along the beach! Starting at €26,667/week

After several nights in Positano, exploring the Amalfi Coast with its’ stunning villas and very friendly people, we were off to Capri. We took a ferry from Sorrento which turned out to be a fast and smooth ride. Once on land we found a taxi and were off. Our taxi ride was so cool, large with 3 rows of seats and open-air so we had a blast taking pictures. While driving to Anacapri I couldn’t believe the rugged terrain we covered and the history we discovered. Anacapri, the smaller and quieter town on the island, is a network of pedestrian paths, so our taxi dropped us at a central locale and we took in the scenery on our walk to our hotel which turned out to be a real gem. The gardens were full of lemon trees, bursting with fruit and the aroma was sensational!

We saw a nice mix of villas on Capri, from 2 to 9 bedrooms. Parking can be tough on the island and you really don’t need a car, you can get around perfectly well with taxis. Before it was time to leave, I indulged in a glorious massage under the lemon trees, much needed after all the walking we have done. Then a final lunch, where the fresh lemons were again the star, and we had to say goodbye to Capri.

Villa HII PIC – Eremo

A fantastic 5 bedroom villa with beautiful art and old stone sculptures throughout. It has a great view of the Faraglioni rocks. Starting at €12,375/week

Anyone who has visited Italy will assure you, it is VERY hard to get on that plane home. The cuisine, villas, and Italian culture far exceeded our expectations. This trip truly validated, whether you are intrigued by villas in Tuscany, Umbria rentals or a seaside presence on Capri or along the Amalfi coast, we can find a villa perfect for you.

Villas visited on Amalfi Coast

Carla, 4 bedroom near Amalfi and Ravello
Il Sogno, 4 bedroom in Positano
Simona, 7 bedroom in Amalfi
Torre di Positano, 8 bedroom in Positano
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