On St. Barths: Biscuit Praline, Glace Chocolat et eclats de noisettes grillees.

The Isle de France has a new Chef in the kitchen! Although Yann is not new at the Hotel, it is his first season as the Head Chef. “After a 3 month adventure in Argentina, I have come back full of positive energy and excited to start my 11th year at the Isle de France.” Yann, pictured right,  said to me yesterday. Yann, Head chef at Isle de FranceThe Isle de France’s restaurant was my choice for a quiet evening with some friends and I was amazed by the dishes Yann served. Everything was delicious, but the desserts were quite simply incredible. Mine was a swirl of chocolate and pralines, topped by a sprinkle of roasted hazelnuts and a home made chocolate ice cream, a dessert hiding at the bottom of the menu. My friends had the chocolate mousse and they both loved every bit of it, warm and fluffy yet creamy. These were desserts to fall in love….. Yann has talent and the Isle de France is now showcasing it!


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