On St. Barths: Tradewind Aviation

Tradewind plane and St. BarthsI ran into Brice, from St. Barth Services, this morning while wandering in Gustavia and we started talking about how the airport in St Barths had changed in the past few years.

Not only has it grown to welcome  all who arrive by plane, chartered or scheduled flights comfortably, but it continues to grow with a planned extension for the car rental companies.

Another major improvement, in the past few years, is the arrival on St Barths of Tradewind Aviation flights. Direct from San Juan to St. Barths in a luxurious plane, Tradewind is an excellent option to bypass the St. Martin airport that allows you to arrive ready for a vacation. Fortunately, the scheduled service is due to start again soon on October 29th, from what my sources tell me.

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