On St. Barths: Johnny Halliday at Cabaret Night

Tonight is “Cabaret Night” at the Ti St. Barth. The fashion show takes place during the delicious meal and then the dancing show begins. The extravagant costumes of the dancers are a hit with everyone and suddenly the entire restaurant is lit up with the flashes of many cameras. But this was not the end of the show! Johnny Halliday (our French Elvis Presley) and his wife, Laeticia,  arrived at the Ti St. Barth. Laeticia was dancing with everyone on the table while her husband was quietly sipping a cocktail. The DJ was great and we danced the night away until closing time, around 2 AM. Be warned…to have a good table, a reservation is needed at this restaurant even during the low season. Plan ahead because this is a “must-see” on St. Barths.


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