Relax in the Peaceful Nature of Virgin Gorda

As your Air Sunshine flight takes off from San Juan, the sparkling Caribbean Sea shimmers in the morning sun. As you fly over the length of the Virgin Islands, the sprinkling of lush green stands out in the dazzling Caribbean water. As the plane makes its descent, you appear to be headed straight into the hillsides. As you skim the island just above the treetops, the runway appears along the coast. With a gentle landing, you are welcomed to Virgin Gorda.

Virgin GordaUnhurried and hassle-free, Virgin Gorda seems almost untouched by time. The island is idyllically undeveloped, allowing for its natural beauty to take precedence. The laid-back atmosphere of Virgin Gorda is ideal for those who know that soaking in the sun and swimming in the gentle tides of the sea are the only way to spend a vacation in the Caribbean. With pristine white-sand beaches and picturesque hillsides, Virgin Gorda offers unmatched tranquility.

Virgin Gorda also offers some of the best snorkeling in the Caribbean. Across the island there are plenty of spots to jump in and explore the beauty beneath the surface of the Caribbean Sea, but there is no place quite like The Baths. A national park located on the island’s southern tip, The Baths provides a truly mesmerizing snorkeling experience. As you swim from shallow beach pools, between boulders, and into deep water, spectacular varieties of tropical fish dart through the sea around you. The commanding black boulders set in the shallow Caribbean water also provide the perfect photo opportunity.

Dining on Virgin Gorda is also a special experience. Prepare meals in your private luxury villa or take to the town. Dine at Drake’s Anchorage in the North Sound and enjoy delicious, contemporary meals paired with magnificent sea views and spectacular sunsets. Head to the Valley and dine at The Flying Iguana, where Chef Lenny and Chef Puck prepare sensational meals with flare. If you do not feel like going out, stay at home and have The Flying Iguana chefs come to you with their special “In Your Villa” service.

Spend your days on Virgin Gorda caressed by the white sand of the beach or exploring reefs in the clear blue Caribbean Sea. Spend your nights blanketed by the refreshing trade wind breezes as they sweep through your private villa, and delight in the unparalleled perfection of Virgin Gorda.


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