St. Tropez Nightlife: Where to Sip Cocktails and Dance

In the luxe French Riviera coastal town of St. Tropez, nightlife is everything

st. tropez nightlife

For the elite jetsetter crowd, St. Tropez is a destination you can’t help visit again and again. Its sexy image is well-deserved — whether you are relaxing at a beach club, shopping in glamorous boutiques, or clinking glasses on a yacht.

St. Tropez is a 24/7 party, and everyone knows there’s something a little magical that happens when the sun goes down. Once you find yourself partying into the early morning hours with celebrities like Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Leonardo DiCaprio, you’ll wonder how nightlife in the U.S. is worthy of your time ever again.

Planning to Visit St. Tropez? Nightlife Spots You Can’t Miss

St. Tropez Nightlife

Les Caves du Roy

If you can only visit one club in St. Tropez, Les Caves du Roy is it. Located in the Hotel Byblos, this legendary nightclub has been held in the highest regard for over 40 years and if you make it by the doorman, you can count yourself among some of the most prestigious visitors to set foot in St. Tropez. Get ready to dance because Les Caves du Roy is known for a great variety of music and a crowd that loves to dance on tables all night long.

VIP Room

Once anointed “the best club in the world” by fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld, the VIP Room is a magnet for the rich and famous. Dine at the amazing on-site restaurant, have a few drinks, and then head into the VIP Room around midnight when it starts to really gets busy. Decorated in fabulous shades of purple and green, the focal point of the room is the circular bar with rotating dance floor.


Papaygayo has perfected glamorous minimalism with its white décor and neon lighting. Open since 1962, this nightclub attracted stars like Brigitte Bardot and Mick Jagger in its earlier years — and the famous visitors haven’t stopped coming since. Like the VIP Room, Papagayo is connected to an on-site restaurant, the newly renovated and renamed L’Opera.

Le Quai

Located right on the harbor, you’ll be able to get an up close and personal view of the mega yachts and gorgeous blue waters. During the day, Le Quai starts out as a fabulous place to eat — at night, it transforms into an exclusive club with live entertainment, the best music, and an intimate setting that makes you feel like you’re at your own private party.


Though anyone is welcome, L’Esquinade is the most popular gay-friendly bar in St. Tropez. L’Esquinade spins all types of music, from dance, to house, to R&B, and it’s a crowd favorite because it’s one of the only staples in St. Tropez nightlife that remains open all year. You’ll feel like you’re in another world as you party all night in this underground nightclub with colorful lights pulsating as you dance.

Visit St. Tropez this Summer and Get Ready to Dance

St. Tropez Nightlife

With its Mediterranean climate, St. Tropez’s weather is most ideal from May or June through August. Summer is the peak season, which means if you are looking for the best nightlife options, these months are when you want to book your ticket. Grab your friends, pack your most fashionable pieces, and prepare for the summer of your life in the French Riviera.

Let your free spirit experience the free-spirited side of the sunny French Riviera. We love St Tropez, which features narrow alleyways and cobblestone streets fronted by designer boutiques, art galleries, and fashionable bistros and cafés, and we have villas available right in the heart of it all.  Let your WIMCO specialist plan the perfect trip for you.

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