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Sunday Brunch at Nikki Beach

I could hear the beat thumping and a chorus of shouts and cheers as I crossed the street and entered the small area of shops along the beach in St. Jean. As I passed through the tented entrance with the white sand beach in the background, the party vibe instantly overtook me. I surveyed the room and through the bustling activity I saw my friends at a big circular table just inside from the beach chairs, the table already equipped with bottles of rosé and champagne on ice- big smiles everywhere. Welcome to Nikki Beach.

Champagne and sparklers on the beach.

Champagne and sparklers on the beach.

Sunday Brunch at Nikki Beach was like nothing I’d ever experienced. With a DJ spinning everything from chilled-out beach music to upbeat dance mixes, the atmosphere was that of a nightclub- but at 1pm on a Sunday afternoon. As I sat down, our waiter had no hesitation in filling my glass while I exchanged kisses on the cheek and got the scoop on last night’s festivities. I turned my attention to the menu as I was quite hungry, and found my favorite: Carpaccio de Bœuf Traditionnel, but before I could confer with everyone on their choices, a large platter of sushi arrived for all to share. As the day progressed, the room turned into a runway with models showcasing intricate silk kaftans and jeweled bikinis. The rosé continued to flow, as did the light and delicious food while the music prompted many to dance AT and ON their tables.

Nikki Beach has an extensive menu including light French cuisine and Sushi.

Nikki Beach has an extensive menu including light French cuisine and Sushi.

At some point, I decided it was time for a dip in the ocean, which, conveniently, was about 15 paces from where I was sitting- just a quick few steps past the beach lounges and into the refreshing blue water (the attire is beach-chic so be sure to wear something to swim in). As I made my way back to my friends, the DJ music stopped abruptly and the speakers began blasting what sounded to be theme to Star Wars. Suddenly a parade of scantily clad waiters breezed by me and I will admit, it was so distracting that it took a moment to realize they were hoisting a sexy Wonder Woman above their heads and SHE was carrying a magnum of Dom Perignon with a massive sparkler! They set her down and with a flourish, she ran over to a table on the sand and popped open the bottle, pouring the bubbly into white flute glasses bearing the Nikki Beach emblem. Everyone cheered. This happened quite frequently over the course of the afternoon, each time the waitress donning a different super hero costume, sometimes running all the way out to the water.

Forget "water-front drinks" this is service IN the water.

Forget “water-front drinks” this is service IN the water.

A perfect marriage of decadence and light-hearted fun, the scene at Nikki Beach was something I will never forget. The food, the wine, the music, the beautiful people, the beach- a perfect Sunday.


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