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Tagged: Hiking

The Piscines Naturelles at Grand Fond

The southeastern corner of St. Barths is a rugged, mountainous coastline with wide open stretches of undeveloped land.  The longest stretch of beach, Toiny, is bordered to the south by a cove known as Grand Fond. ...

Hike to Anse de Colombier

Anse de Combier is one of St Barths’ most beautiful beaches and the hike to get there makes the destination even more memorable.   Offering panoramic views and perspectives of the island’s jewel-toned coastline, the 25...

A Summer Vacation in Italy- Day 2

Our first morning, we experienced the b+b breakfast. It was very European- lots of cakes and breads which, because of my Celiac disease, I wasn’t too excited about. I was glad, once again, that I...

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