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WIMCO Villas presents articles about vacations, hotels, villas, events, and dining on the Caribbean island of St Barths.

St. Barths, vacation rental

Bethany’s St. Barths Trip Report March 2019

Disembarking from the Tradewind flight into the sultry warm St Barths air, I had one thought: “I’m never leaving. Ever. Send for the husband and pets.”  Of course, that feeling hits me every time I’m on the...

St. Barths, vacation rental

Glennie’s Trip Report March 2019

30 Years of Being Part of the St Barths Experience Why is it that every time I land on St. Barths I simply break into a smile? I feel complete joy and anticipation of yet...

St. Barths, Caribbean

St. Barths Real Estate

Doug’s View Of St. Barths Real Estate This season we have seen some of the best weather that I can remember in the last 30 years, and the real estate market has followed suit. The...

Romantic Retreats 2019

Whether you’re planning your summer vacation, or looking to head somewhere warm next month, here are our picks for vacations for two. Mustique Villa MV HER, 2 BR, Mustique On the west coast of Mustique,...

The Top Ten New Villas of 2018

From dazzling views in the Virgin Islands, to staffed villas in Mustique, to new architecture in St. Barths, find something fresh and new to inspire your travels. Favorite villas added to the WIMCO portfolio this...

St Baths Gourmet Festival, michelin star chefs

St. Barth Gourmet Festival 2018

Taste of St. Barths (Nov 1 – 4) – premier culinary event in the Caribbean Are you a vacation lover and a gourmet? Consider a fall trip to St. Barths this November to experience the...

dinner at the villa in st barts

St. Barths With Friends

WIMCO’s Editor spent Memorial Day weekend in St. Barths with friends. Just 5 months after the New Years visit, she shares updates on where to eat, villas she visited, and makes the case for a...

Hurricane Season 2018, Tracking hurricnanes, hurricane season

Caribbean Island Hurricane Updates

Caribbean Island Hurricane Updates and News Hurricanes are sometimes referred to by other names, such as typhoons or cyclones, depending on what part of the world they occur. The scientific term for all these storms...

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