Testimonial Tuesday: Living the Beautiful Life at La Belle Vie

Villa WV LBV

Villa WV LBV


There is something about St. Barths that makes it standout amongst its Caribbean counterparts. The atmosphere of the island is simply incredible. M.S. took a delightful vacation to St. Barths and found himself awed by the beauty of this chic Caribbean island, from the picturesque views to the friendly atmosphere, his stay at Villa WV LBV was simply lovely. 

“St. Barths is incredible. We had a wonderful time and plan a return visit. I was pleasantly surprised as to how easygoing and laid back everyone was. Villa LBV was perfect for us, so close the Guanahani we could walk there. It was very comfortable, clean, and the views were beautiful. It is so easy to drive around the island and visit all the beaches. We had a lovely, memorable time.” M.S.


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