The Perfect Tuscan Villa for Family Reunions

Villa La Sassia

Villa La Sassia is spacious, warm, and comfortable, making it the perfect Tuscan villa for family reunions and other large gatherings.

Everyone gathers in the kitchen as the owner and culinary expert of Villa La Sassia presents a step by step lesson on preparing a traditional Tuscan dinner. The exquisitely simple combination of fresh ingredients including pecorino and mozzarella cheese, extra virgin pressed olive oil, aromatic herbs, locally-grown produce, fresh meat, and homemade pasta are laid out on the large, open counter. As the each course is prepared, the warm scents mingle in the air, saturating the room with delectable aromas that fill your senses.

Villa BRV SAS is a stunning countryside home set amongst the hills and vineyards just outside the quaint village of Sovicille. Built in traditional Tuscan style, Villa BRV SAS combines natural wood and local rock, creating the charming rustic ambiance Tuscany is known for. The small village setting, removed from the bustle of the city, is perfect for those looking for a peaceful Tuscan villa vacation.

This six-bedroom villa offers guests comfort, space, and luxury. Featuring multiple fireplaces, antiques, and a warm décor, Villa BRV SAS feels like home. Perfect for family reunions, the home’s layout offers all guests privacy with two bedrooms in the main part of the house, two bedrooms in a separate wing, and two bedrooms in the guest house.

Request the buffet or five course Signature Sassia Italian dinner for your arrival meal and ease into the casual and comfortable Tuscan lifestyle. End your meal with fresh sliced pear with chunks of pecorino cheese, and delight your palate with the perfect simplicity of the flavors as they couple together in complementing harmony. As the your taste buds are pampered with the heavenly flavors of Tuscany, you will find yourself wanting nothing more than to stay at Villa BRV SAS forever.


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