4 Virgin Gorda Vacation “Tourist Traps” That Are Actually Worth Visiting

Skip all the other tourist traps and head to these well-visited wonders for your Virgin Gorda vacation.

virgin gorda vacation

Here’s the top secret reason why most people book a Virgin Gorda vacation: they want seclusion. With only 3,900 residents – one of them being Morgan Freeman – you’ll practically have an entire Caribbean island to yourself.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t a few tourist traps in Virgin Gorda. Have you ever swam in nature-made pools created by boulders the size of houses? Doesn’t sound like a tourist trap because it sounds incredible, but it is busy, and for good reason.

From the snorkeler’s paradise known as The Baths at the boulder-strewn southern tip, to the tranquil beachfront villas at Mahoe Bay, to the Bitter End Yacht Club resort located well to the northeast, this premium destination in the British Virgin Islands has a decidedly laid-back Caribbean charm.

4 Touristy Things to Do On Your Next Virgin Gorda Vacation

1. The Baths

virgin gorda vacation

The Baths are the most famous attraction on Virgin Gorda, and if you only do one touristy thing during your entire trip, this should be it. The Baths are on the north shore and are a geological wonder made up of huge 40-foot granite boulders that form sheltered sea pools along the beach. It’s amazing for snorkeling and swimming, and don’t worry, because there are steps and rope handrails to guide you through the boulders down to Devil’s Bay. Hate crowds? Stick to early morning or late afternoon.

2. Gorda Peak National Park

virgin gorda vacation

Gorda Peak is the highest point on Virgin Gorda and climbs 1,370 feet above sea level. The 30-minute hike isn’t hard (kids are totally fine to do it), but you’ll definitely want to bring your walking shoes and a jug of water.

At the top, take in panoramic views of the entire region, especially the anchorage at North Sound. Plan on hiking around lunch time? Bring a meal for a picnic site under the mango trees where the east and west trails meet.

3. Yacht Harbor

virgin gorda vacation

Yacht Harbor is where everybody goes to shop, and where you can get a taste of local everything. Your Virgin Gorda vacation requires a stop in Buck’s Market, where you can stock up on food, island rum, and Cuban cigars. Yacht Harbor is also the best place to find a tropical shirt or a bright sarong (not required island attire, but welcomed—the brighter the threads, the better!). Yacht Harbor also has a SCUBA diving shop, ice cream, food, and an art gallery – 20 shops in total.

Copper Mine Ruins virgin gorda vacation4. Copper Mine

Many vacationers come to Virgin Gorda hearing that they have to visit this spot, and then get disappointed when they realize there isn’t much to it. It’s like visiting Mount Rushmore, it’s fun to see, but you ought to have other things to do that day.

Basically, it’s a national park made from an abandoned (did someone say ghost town?) 19th-century copper mine, but what makes it neat is that it’s located on the cliffs of the south-eastern tip of the island. All you’ll see are ruins, and hurricanes are washing it away slowly but surely, so come and take a selfie with the kids before it’s gone.

Accommodations offering privacy and seclusionvirgin gorda vacation

Once you’re done exploring, Virgin Gorda’s greatest charm can be found in the quiet and solitude it provides travelers that need time to relax and recharge. WIMCO offers private villa rentals that will provide you and your loved ones with a home away from home, allowing you to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company on a memorable Virgin Gorda vacation. Let us find you your new favorite villa.

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