WIMCO Updates Villa Cleaning and Concierge Protocol

As St. Barths re-opens to visitors, here is a glimpse at our updated cleaning and sanitation procedures

  • WIMCO concierge will have hand sanitizer in their car and will disinfect their hands prior to greeting clients
  • Concierge will wear gloves when handling the client’s luggage
  • Once the luggage has been unloaded at the villa, it will cleaned by the concierge before being brought into the villa

  • We will ensure there is a bottle of hand sanitizer on the kitchen counter
  • Housekeeping will plan to clean when the client is not occupying the villa during the day (at the beach, at lunch). This can be decided upon and communicated between the client and the concierge. If the client is in the villa, housekeeping will practice social distancing
  • Any service providers that enter the villa will wear face masks, and limit contact with the clients
  • Chefs and butlers will always wear masks when inside the villa and will wash hands prior to and after handling anything that is passed to the guests

  • Housekeepers will wear masks and gloves while cleaning
  • Client’s personal hygiene items in the bathroom will remain largely untouched
  • Disinfectant sprays will be approved by the CDC and/or French government; in the even this is unavailable, the housekeeper will use the best available option


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