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Nestled within the towering San Juan Mountains, Telluride is a gorgeous little hamlet with a fascinating history. This Colorado mountain town is a magical year-round destination for outdoor sports enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Whether you are planning a winter ski-trip or a summer hiking and rafting vacation, WIMCO is here to guide you through Telluride’s luxury vacation rental options. We’ll cover carefully selected vacation homes, with all the amenities and privacy you want. 

Telluride's location within a box canyon surrounded by towering mountains makes it an amazing base camp for those looking for adventurous pursuits like downhill mountain biking and skiing. 

And as if that weren't enough to draw people in, Telluride also keeps an active festival calendar, including the world-famous Balloon Festival. This vibrant hamlet has something to offer just about everyone.

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Telluride Neighborhoods: Picking the Right Luxury Vacation Rentals in Telluride

Telluride is separated into several districts and neighborhoods. In the valley, there is the historic downtown area with Victorian-era homes in adjoining neighborhoods, each with its own character and charm.

The Gondola District and West End are the most popular among those looking for in-city luxury lodgings. You can find luxury condo rentals here. Then above the town of Telluride, there is a smaller village called Mountain Village: another wonderful place to stay, dine, and find entertainment. 

In the following section let’s take a look at an in-depth review of all three areas to help you start your Telluride vacation planning adventure. 

Mountain Village

Mountain Village is a companion town to Telluride, a neighborhood just above Telluride, reachable by car and gondola.

Originally, this community had a few homes, built as early homesteads by ski resort visionaries at the base of the ski mountain. Over the last couple of decades, however, it has grown into a bustling luxury ski community -- emphasis on luxury. Now several thousand call it home, and many more come to enjoy it as a vacation retreat.

Mountain Village was purposefully built to resemble a European-styled, pedestrian-focused village. It was built in cooperation with the Telluride Ski Resort & Golf Club, making Mountain Village a very unique outdoors' enthusiast community. Most of the luxury resorts, hotels, and vacation homes found here are within a short walk of the ski slopes.

During the summer, guests can enjoy world-class mountain biking and exciting high-altitude hiking. Mountain Village is situated at an elevation of 9,450 feet.

Telluride's Gondola District

The Gondola District is named as such because it’s located adjacent to downtown Telluride’s Gondola Station. This station connects Telluride directly with Mountain Village, thereby offering residents and visitors easy and direct access to Telluride Ski and Golf. It also offers other exciting trails and amenities of the mountaintop community.

Riding the gondola is quite an experience! This is a free, 13-minute journey connecting two cities. At the midway point lies a ski station (Station St. Sophia), where you can access ski slopes and hiking trails.

Traveling the Gondola affords one expansive vistas of the San Juan Mountains and quick access between the two communities. The obvious benefit of staying in the Gondola District is that you can have the best of both worlds: Front door access to Telluride's historic downtown and easy (and fun) car-free travel to the area's beloved ski slopes. 

Staying in the Gondola District and being in the midst of the city's historic downtown is a must for those who enjoy experiencing a city's cultural charms. When staying here, you will be within blocks of the community's premier restaurants, entertainment venues, and shops. There's also a wonderful multipurpose trail that runs along the San Miguel River. 

Telluride's West End

As the name suggests, Telluride's West End consists of the blocks on the western end of the city. Here, you will not find quite the concentration of restaurants, shops, and venues as you will in the Gondola District (not to mention the gondola itself). But it has other benefits.

Most notably, the vacation chalets and bed and breakfasts here are less expensive than those found in either Mountain Village or Gondola District. It also has more of a townie feel, being away from more tourist-oriented areas. So it’s great for those looking to travel more simply while still enjoying access to upscale amenities and the city’s events and festivals. 

Telluride Luxury Rentals

A Telluride luxury vacation rental is the best choice for those who want a bit more independence and privacy when they travel -- and, of course, first-class amenities. 

Vacation home rentals in Telluride and Mountain Village offer premier in-home amenities like hot tubs, state-of-the-art kitchens, spacious bedrooms, and, naturally, outstanding views. You can likewise expect to enjoy in-city neighborhood benefits like being within walking distance to the slopes and hiking trails. 

There will be some notable differences between a luxury home rental in Telluride and Mountain Village. Remember, most of Mountain Village lies within a planned community and was only built in the last few decades. This translates to modern vacation homes within gated communities with luxurious features. 

Some of the amenities offered here include heated driveways, hot tubs, and wine coolers. These luxury vacation homes come with attached garages that make traveling between ski slopes and your vacation home a lot more comfortable and convenient. 

Telluride Vacation Ideas

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Telluride Luxury Hotels 

Surprisingly, Telluride does not have a 5-Star hotel as of yet. That said, there are some excellent options for those travelers who prefer the more packaged accommodations that luxury hotels can offer.

One of the most popular luxury hotels in the area is the award-winning boutique Inn at Lost Creek. This is a 32-suite hotel located just a few steps away from the gondola's Mountain Village station. Its spacious Ski Valet, Boot Lounge, and other activity-oriented amenities make it a good choice if you are looking to be more social in your travels.

This is one of the few luxury hotels in the area that is also dog-friendly. An important consideration for those traveling to enjoy the hills and mountains with four-legged friends in tow. 

The smaller size of this boutique hotel is more the norm than the outlier. You will find many Victorian homes converted into cozy bed and breakfasts around Telluride. But there are a few larger, more spacious luxury resorts, places like Mountain Lodge Telluride and The Peaks Resort & Spa. 

Renting a Luxury Ski-In Ski-Out Home or Staying In a Luxury Hotel - Which One Is Right for You? 

There are times when renting a room at a luxury hotel in a ski town is advantageous. Such as when you are traveling solo or with just a couple of friends and are eager to brush elbows with others in shared spaces. However, for most family and friend group travels, luxury ski-in and ski-out homes are often the better bet.

Renting your own vacation rental home means that each member of your party can have their own private room and space. You will have a fully updated kitchen and dining areas to enjoy large meals at home together. Then there are other wonderful amenities like theater rooms and hot tub spaces that are all your own.

Your vacation home rental agency, such as WIMCO can enhance your vacation experience by providing access to private chefs for special meals, set up different experiences and organize your vacation from start to finish.

Is Telluride a Difficult Mountain to Ski? 

The ski slopes at Telluride cover a massive area and as such, you will find separate areas based on skill level. Whether you are skiing for the first time or are looking for a world-class challenge, you are sure to have a great time.

What Are the Top Things to Do in Telluride in Winter (Other Than Skiing)? 

While Telluride is best known for its world-class skiing, that isn't all it has to offer. If you love being outdoors or enjoying festivals and arts-oriented activities, you will find something of interest here.

Anasazi Heritage Center

The old mining areas around Telluride get a lot of attention, but they aren't the only thing of historical note worth visiting here. Visit the Anasazi Heritage Center to learn more about the ancestral Anasazi (also known as Pueblo) culture.

Horse Sleigh Rides & Dog Sledding

Horseback riding is very popular during the warmer months, with tour outfits offering multi-day backwoods adventures as well as day trips. But you can also enjoy four-legged pursuits in the winter. Opt for a relaxing animal-guided tour with a horse sleigh tour or dog sledding adventure. 

What Are the Top Things to Do in Telluride in the Summer?

Bicycle Tours & Trails

When the snow melts away, this part of the San Juan Mountains becomes a bike rider's wonderland. Several former railways that have been converted into bike paths ideal for mountain biking. If you want a real challenge, check out the basins, downhill runs, and mining roads high above Telluride. 


The Telluride Mountain Village Golf Course is a beautiful place to spend your morning or early afternoon. Here, golfers can enjoy fantastic mountain vistas as they play a challenging, yet fun, course.

How to Get to Telluride 

By Plane

Those flying have two choices: The Telluride Regional Airport which is six miles from downtown. Or the Montrose Regional Airport, a 65-mile drive away. The closest international airport, however, is the Denver International Airport, a six to seven-hour drive to Telluride, depending on the weather. 

How difficult is it to get to Telluride? 

Telluride is in the middle of the San Juan Mountains. If you fly here, you have two airports to choose from. Driving in from either airport can take some time due to the twisty high-altitude roads, so budget some extra time when planning.

Can you drive to Telluride? 

Yes. In fact, the drive through the Rockies is nothing short of spectacular. The San Juan Mountains are some of the most picturesque in the country. However, be aware that severe winter weather can occur at any time between September and May. 

If you fly into Denver, Telluride is a six to seven-hour drive from the Denver International Airport. You may run into winter storms or heavy traffic. A 4WD car or truck is really a must between November and April. 

What Services Does Wimco Villas Provide to Our Clients Vacationing in Telluride? 

When you start considering flights to coordinate, baggage transfers, renting the ideal home, getting ski tickets, renting a vehicle, setting up activities… it can be overwhelming. This is where our team at WIMCO Villas shines.

Our goal is to help you enjoy a memorable vacation without the common travel stresses. Our concierge team takes care of all the big and little details that would otherwise detract from your stay. 

This includes booking your cross country and local flights, securing a rental car or car service for the ride into town. We’ll also stock your vacation rental's fridge and pantry and book dinner reservations, and ensuring you have all the necessary ski equipment to hit the slopes within moments of walking through the door. Even better: we offer all this complimentary to our clients who book their vacation through us. 

It’s easy to get started. Give us a call (+1-401-236-1182) or contact us today to speak with one of our friendly team members to learn more.

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