The Best Beaches in Barbados

Accra Beach

Accra beach, also known as Rockley Beach, may be the most popular beach on the south coast of the island, due to its stunning sand and gentle, yet playful waves. You'll find vendor kiosks on the beach selling colorful clothing and local jewelry. Across the road is the Quayside Centre, a small plaza with gift shops and restaurants.

Bottom Bay

A wide stretch of white sand lined with coconut palms located on the south coast of the island. To access the beach, visitors can park on top of a cliff and walk down steps to the beach. The waves at Bottom Bay make it a scenic place for surfing and other water sports, while the wide stretch of the beach makes for an ideal spot for sunning or a picnic.

Brownes Beach

Brownes Beach is one of the largest beaches on the island, and a great place for soaking up the sun. Without much shade, families with small children will want to make sure hats and sunscreen are in good supply.

Harrismith Beach

Cliffs surround both sides of Harrismith beach, located on the south east coast. Its lagoon is protected by the reef, perfect for a dip. Be advised that when there are rough waters, the reef can be very dangerous with its sharp rocks, and no lifeguards are present.

Sandy Lane Beach

The most famous beach on the island, this crescent shaped bay sits on the calm west coast just south of the Holetown area, and is home to the celebrated Sandy Lane Hotel. Jet skis and catamarans pass by, along with the occasional fishing boat.

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