Nevis Events

April 2020 Nevis Events

Easter Monday: April 13

Lots of parties to end the island's Easter celebration

July 2020 Nevis Events

Nevis Mango & Food Festival: July 2-5, 2020

Caribbean food festival showcasing unique dishes and the 40 different types of mango on the island.

Nevis Culturama: July 23, 2020

Nevis’ premier festival is a unique celebration of the most significant milestone in their history - the emancipation of slaves in the 1830s. It is a 12-day focus on all aspects of Nevisian arts and culture.

September 2020 Nevis Events

19th Independence Day September 19

Merrymakers can expect a festive atmosphere as a number of cultural programs that include dance and live music are prepared for this day.

December 2020 Nevis Events

Christmas Celebration: December 24

Party in Charleston until midnight

Boxing Day: December 26

Another party the day after Christmas

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