Important Travel Information for Nevis Vacations

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We recommend you rent a car while visiting Nevis, as it's difficult to get around without one. Jeeps and enclosed cars are available for approximately $50/day all year round. Please note that British driving rules apply, and driving is on the left side of the road! A temporary Nevis/St. Kitts driver�s license is required to drive on either island; this may be purchased at the local police station in Newcastle (Nevis) or in Basseterre (St. Kitts) upon presentation of your current valid driver's license. The Nevis/St. Kitts license is $20 for 3 months or $40 for one year.

If you fax WIMCO with an "enlarged" copy of your driver's license several weeks before your trip, we can have the Nevis driver's license issued in advance and your car will be waiting for you at your property.


The temperature on Nevis ranges from a pleasant 75-85 degrees (F) and seldom falls below 70 or rises above 88 degrees. Humidity is relatively low, and the island is cooled by easterly trade winds. Mt. Nevis, nearly 3300 feet high, lies in the geographic center of the island and is directly responsible for Nevis's mild climate and verdant landscape.


It is very important to let WIMCO know your complete flight itinerary so your arrival can proceed smoothly. Depending on your particular accommodations and time of arrival, you'll either take a taxi to your destination and/or be met by our island representative at the airport. Please ask WIMCO for details prior to leaving, as each situation is different. If you haven�t already gotten your Nevis driver�s license, you can purchase it en route and the taxi will wait for you as you do this.

Plane Schedules

We advise checking local and international airline schedules near your date of travel, as they may change without notice. Once on-island, it's also imperative that you reconfirm your return flights 3 days prior to departure.


Food provisioning for the villas may be arranged prior to arrival, although requested items are not always available. Staples such as bread, milk, eggs, and alcohol are easily obtainable, but more particular gourmet items are generally hard to come by. Please let WIMCO know if you would like to pre-stock your villa at least 2 weeks before your arrival.


The voltage on Nevis is typically 110V, the same voltage as in the U.S.

Credit Cards

Most restaurants and establishments will accept credit cards, but we recommend bringing enough cash or traveler's checks for your stay. Banks in Charlestown close at 3p.m.


Nevis is a typically slow-paced, relaxed Caribbean island. Clothing should be lightweight and comfortable, and jacket and tie are not necessary. However, long pants are required for nearly all the better restaurants in the evening. Entering shops in swimsuits is not endorsed, as British decorum applies.

Linens/Maid Service

Your rental property will include all linens such as sheets and towels. However, you should bring a beach towel or two with you, as not all homes provide them. Maid service varies from house to house, so be sure to ask what's included with your villa. Tipping is left to your own discretion, but a good rule of thumb is $2-3/day per person.


Skantel provides telephone service to Nevis and St. Kitts, and local calls may be made free of charge. Long-distance and international calls may be made from your villa by using your credit card, but third-party billing to your home phone in the Untied States is not allowed.

Internet Service

You'll need to go in person to the Cable & Wireless office in Charlestown and give them your villa's telephone number. They can then set up your laptop.


Nevis uses the Eastern Caribbean Dollar, which is about 2.6 to the U.S. dollar. The U.S. Dollar is also widely used, especially in larger establishments and hotels.

Departure Tax

There is a $16.50 USD per person departure tax from Nevis, to be paid at Newcastle Airport.

Getting to Nevis

Nevis is easy to get to, just fly into the Vance W. Amory International Airport (NEV). WIMCO's Air Department is here to help you plan your flights to and from the island.

What to Do

There are many fun things to do in Nevis and WIMCO's concierge team is here to help you make arrangements to ensure you have a great vacation.

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