History of Saba

During the 16th century, many European explorers, including Christopher Columbus, came across a small and beautiful island located amidst the Caribbean. However, they were too afraid to explore the island, because of its rough terrain and beach-less shores which posed a threat to ships. The island remained uninhabited, until 1632, when a trio of English sailors became shipwrecked upon the island. The Englishmen discovered that, despite its rough exterior, the island had gorgeous lands and scenery. The island was Saba, and its beautiful nature still presides today.

In the years following the arrival of the English, Saba led a rather tumultuous history. The Dutch were given the island; yet many English men left their native country of England and came to Saba. They settled and survived off an agricultural economy based on sugar and indigo as cash crops.

During this time the English Reformation formed, which caused political unrest in England. During this time unemployed or undesired Englishmen were sent away to work in colonies in the Americas. Many were sent to Jamaica, but most were rejected because they lacked the skills necessary to provide proficient work input. As a result, many of these destitute Englishmen had to resort to piracy in order to survive.

In 1665, a group of pirates captured Saba, forcing all the non-English residents off the island. In the years following, Saba became a safe haven for pirates, who turned to legitimate trade and made a living off the sea. During this time, hardly anyone dared to enter the island.

After the reign of the pirates, many nations fought over ownership of the island. It finally ended in 1816, when the Dutch reclaimed Saba and made the island part of the Netherland Antilles. It was during this time that the island became renown for its seamanship skills, as Saban sailors captained trading ships that sailed all over the Americas.

Today, Saba attracts visitors with its gorgeous nature. Its devotion to preserving its vibrant coral reefs and marine life has made it known as “the Unspoiled Queen” of the Caribbean. Saba’s enchanting history and beautiful sights make it a perfect place to engage the imagination and indulge in a relaxing cathartic vacation.

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