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You've probably heard about the island of St. Barths from a friend who couldn't stop talking about their vacation there, about the pristine and uncrowded beaches, the casual yet chic waterfront restaurants, the beautiful and friendly people manning every shop and bistro...and of course about the villa they stayed in.

St. Barths' best advocates are the people who vacation there, so rather than try and describe its merits, read for yourself in this recent article in The Coveteur from a group of friends staying in a WIMCO villa.

"There's nothing quite like a sunny, balmy, beachy getaway-and there's really nothing quite like one on a Caribbean island owned and populated by the French. While we may have arrived in St. Barths anticipating a week of all of the usual hallmarks of a tropical getaway- slushie-like rum-filled cocktails, flip-flops a plenty, the works.

So you can imagine our surprise (and delight) when we realized that the entire island is in fact, decidedly French in attitude (that's not to say there wasn't plenty of rum, of course).

Upon landing, we were greeted at the (impossibly glamorous and impossibly French) airport in St.Barths by our Wimco concierge, Moe who helped us retrieve our luggage and rental car and took us to our villa. It turns out that Moe (hi Moe!) was to be our very own personal concierge for the week - yes, you're reading that correctly. Here we are, debating between rent payments and half-price Saint Laurent, but we had our very own concierge at our beck and call when needed. Totally normal.

Oh, and side note on the whole French colony thing? All of the groceries-yes, even fruits and vegetables-are imported from France. Even better? Virtually every grocery store has an array of the most painstakingly delicious bread and cheese, like, ever-so much so that we could actually shed a tear thinking about it. That good. Oh, and there are more fine wine stores than there are groceries. Honey, we're home!"

The seasoned villa specialists at WIMCO are ready to help you create your own memories in St Barths. We'll advise you on the villa that best meets your needs, then set up your flights, rental cars, grocery delivery, private chefs, babysitters, boat charters, restaurant reservations, massage and spa sessions and any thing else you desire. Our concierge team is with you 24/7. Call us at 1-401-849-8012 to get started.

- Destination Specialist


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Your St. Barths villa vacation is going to be something memorable - days spent on quiet beaches, lunch at casual yet chic beach bars, downtime around the pool at your villa, nights spent in waterfront restaurants or perhaps in the comfort of your villa... with WIMCO's concierge service available to help at every step. Let's get started.

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