Things To Do and Activity Guide for Virgin Gorda Vacations

The island of Virgin Gorda is the jewel in the crown of the British Virgin Islands, and much of its beauty comes from a national park called The Baths. This wonderous array of gigantic boulders spilling down into the water creates secret passages and coves, which provides hours of snorkeling fun. The Baths are not to be missed. Virgin Gorda is also known for its regattas and sailing, as well as its quiet beaches on Savannah Bay and Spring Bay. Your WIMCO Villa Specialist can recommend things to do in Virgin Gorda, and then make the reservations for you.

Boat Rentals

Whichever aquatic activity you are interested in, Virgin Gorda has it. Try a power-boat to island hop and snorkel, a sailboat to peruse the waters, or a fishing excursion for an exciting day out on the water. We'll be delighted to arrange any of these activities for you.

The Baths

The Baths are a collection of massive boulders, up to 40 feet in diameter, that are piled up near the ocean. A cave system created by the boulders can be explored with a series of ladders to reach hidden beaches.

Shipwreck Scuba Diving

For scuba divers, Virgin Gorda has much to offer. One notable site is “The Wreck of the Chikuzen.” This particular site receives less traffic from tourists and is a diver's dream.

Spa Treatments

Staying in a villa but interested in hotel spa treatments? The Sense spa at Rosewood Little Dix Bay resort has a variety of offerings. (We can happily make appointments for you, as well).

Spanish Town

The main settlement on the island's southern end has a marina and shopping. You'll also find the ferry slip just north of town. Don't miss out on annual events like Fisherman's Jamboree, a fishing tournament accompanied by fresh fish and music.

Virgin Gorda Peak

A beautiful secluded hiking trail that brings you up to Gorda Peak National Park, a peak with stunning views and plenty of wildlife. The beginner's hike is under two hours round trip.
(For an even better view, be sure to climb the tower at the top!)

Spring Bay

Located adjacent from The Baths, Spring Bay is a great place to snorkel. If you like to explore this is the place to do it! This beach is much more quiet than The Baths but equally as beautiful.

Necker Island

 Enjoy a wonderful day trip with Gumption's Sea it Clear Tours. This private island is home to Sir Richard Branson. You will see several unique species including Rock Iguanas, giant tortoises, flamingos, lemurs, cockatoos, and scarlet Ibises.

The Copper Mine

Check out this piece of history! Scottish and Welsh miners used this structure to extract copper back in the 1800's. There are copper containing rocks scattered at the premises. The ruins offer beautiful views too!

Prickly Pear Island National Park

There are several pristine beaches nestled in this cove. They water is perfect for swimming, kayaking and snorkeling. You can also hike from the Sand Box Bar to the North Beach where the bird sanctuary is located.

Biras Creek Trail

If you're looking for a challenge this is a must see! You’ll have to stay alert and be careful where you step; think rocks, roots, and branches! This wildlife filled trail is a fun alternative to the beach.

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