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Events in Tuscany, Italy

The Tuscany region of Italy has a long legacy of musical composition and the performing arts. The tradition is celebrated on stages and in venues throughout Tuscany all year long by way of events and festivals of every scale, some of them organized and official, others spontaneous and poignantly local. Symphonies, recitals and operas recall ancient and classical music; modern fêtes showcase the blues, rock, folk and jazz. The performers who come to play are, as often as not, world renowned.

July and August are high festival and concert season in Tuscany; given the popularity of these events, it pays to purchase tickets ahead of time. Villas in Tuscany are also in demand during the festival season so start by reserving your villa then organizing your festival tickets.

Events May

Castegneto a Tavola
In Castegneto Carducci there is a festival to celebrate the area’s production of high quality wines. This festival also allows visitors access to an exhibition of the most famed wines produced in the region.

Events Early June

Manciano Street Festival
This is a series of street parades and local folklore concerts the village also has many stands with food and other artisanal works for sale.

Events July

Arezzo Wave
In the village of Arezzo there is a week long music festival including 11 stages and 120 acts in previous years. It is a showcase for many of the best blues and rock musicians in Europe.

Events August

Roccatederighi Medieval Festival
On the first weekend in August a small village called Roccatederighi goes back to the Middle Ages.
It hosts a festival with knights and jugglers all preparing for the feast that the village will soon be having.

Events September

Palio di San Rocco
In Figline the town’s 4 historic quarters compete together in a medieval tournament.
The first day is the biggest with a jousting competition.


Il Palio
The annual Il Palio festival is held twice – at 7:30pm on both July 2nd and August 16th. It is a classic medieval bareback horse race held in the main square of Siena. There are 10 neighborhoods of Siena that compete in the race. The teams have century old rivalries which results in all sorts of jostling and maneuvering come the main event. The Piazza del Campo can hold 25,000 people, but to be sure of seeing the parades, costumes, flags and the race itself you'll need to be there early.

Recommended villas in Siena:
BRV CLO 5br, BRV PAL 7br, BRV SAS 6br, BRV GEG 5br


Sacred Music Festival (April-June)
Lucca's spiritual vitality comes alive in the spring when the city's churches come together as one and present a three-month program of moving religious music that permeates every street and square.

The Puccini Opera Festival
Lovers of the opera and classical music in general consider Giacomo Puccini among the most revered composers of the 20th century. The Puccini Opera Festival has showcased some of the greatest operatic luminaries in the business — names such as Luciano Pavorotti, Placido Domingo and Josè Carreras — have showcased their talents in recent years. The festival is held every summer in July and August.

The festival of San Paolino
Consists of medieval costumes, torchlit parades and a traditional crossbow contest. Centered around the San Paolino area in the centre of Lucca.

Lucca also has a large antiques market (centered around Piazza San Giusto and Piazza Antelminelli) on the third Sunday (and preceding Saturday) of every month. There is also a craft fair, again in and around Piazza San Giusto, on the last Sunday (and preceding Saturday) of every month.

Recommended villas in Lucca:
BRV BOS 6br, SAL FIO 3br, SAL STE 5br, SAL GEL 4br, CSL FAT 7br


Maggio Musicale Fiorentino (May-June)
The very first Florentine operas were performed at the end of the sixteenth century according to the theory and practice of the Camerata dei Bardi. The Maggio Musicale Fiorentino has become the modern-day center of musical life in Florence. It is based at Teatro Comunale, and in May and June it produces the Maggio Musicale Festival as part of its annual concert, opera and ballet seasons. If the festival takes up the months of May and June, the activity of the theatre goes on all year round, including a constant and varied range of summer concerts held in the magnificent Boboli Gardens, a venue not to be missed. (www.maggiofiorentino.com)

Florence also has its antique market on the last Sunday of every month in Piazza dei Ciompi.

Recommended villas in Florence:
BRV FIE 2br, BRV LEO 6br, BRV MAC 9br, BRV IMP 8br, BRV FON 4br


There are some interesting events, but the most important are the Sagra del Tordo and the Apertura delle Cacce. The Apertura is an ancient bow shooting content where teams of archers from four quartieri (neighbourhoods) Borghetto, Pianello, Ruga and Travaglio challenge each other for bragging rights. There are 2 archers for each team and they must hit wild boar shaped targets at ever increasing distances. Each archer has 4 series of 5 arrows, and the team that makes more points wins. The Apertura, is held on the second Sunday of August. The Sagra is held on the last Sunday of October.

Recommended villas in Montalcino:
BRV AIO 6br, BRV ANT 3br, BRV POG 5br


Arezzo Wave (July)
The Arezzo Wave Love Festival features an exciting mix of modern rock and blues in a varied, multi-structured format. It lasts for the better part of a week, and in the past the venue has come to include 11 stages and over 120 acts. It is a showcase for some of the most important contemporary rock and blues musicians—emerging and established—in the European sphere, with appearances in past years of Stateside draws such as Ben Harper and Dave Matthews. (www.arezzowave.com)

Recommended villas in Arezzo
See villa recommendations for nearby areas like Sienna, Montalcino and Perugia (Umbria).

Other Information on Events in Tuscany

One of the best times to visit Tuscany is during the grape harvest

Opera and Concert Tickets

For opera and concert tickets you can contact the theater or visit the websites listed at left. Tickets are not generally mailed but are held at the box office. Below are some major theaters in Florence:

Teatro Comunale
Corso Italia, 16
Phone: +39 055 211158

Teatro della Pergola
Via della Pergola, 18
Phone: +39 055 2479651 / 12

Teatro Verdi
Via Ghibellina, 101
Phone: +39 055 212320 / 2396242

A.GI.MUS (Associazione Giovanile Musicale)
Via della Piazzola, 7/r
Phone: +39 055 580996

Teatro Cestello
Piazza Cestello
Phone: +39 055 294609

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