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Umbria has somehow always been over-shadowed by its neighboring state of Tuscany. Yet, seasoned travelers know that the rolling hills of Umbria and villages such as Assisi, Pegugia, Todi and Spoleto reward the adventurous soul who explores them. From touring centuries old museums, to wine tastings in ancient cellars, to exploring hill towns on foot, and refreshing oneself in a cozy café, Umbria has a lot to offer. Your WIMCO Villa Specialist can recommend things to do in Umbria, then and make the reservations for you.


A beautiful medieval town that rises majestically from the lower slopes of Monte Subasio. Walk cobblestone streets lined with quaint stone houses clad in window boxes bright with geraniums. See the incomparable Basilica di San Francesco where St. Francis is entombed, featuring frescoes by Pietro Lorenzetti and Giotto.


It is refined and lovely, an archetypal medieval Umbrian hill town. Visit the magnificent Duomo here with frescoes by Fra Filippo Lippi, and walk the Ponte delle Torri spanning a deep gorge and built on the foundations of an ancient Roman aqueduct. The Festival dei Due Mondi is an annual Spoleto summertime event.


A short drive from Perugia is the town of Deruta. If you are into the colorful ceramics for which Umbria is famous, you'll find the widest selection of Majolica glazed pottery right here in this charming town-and at the best price.


A hilltop town embedded in rock on a 300-meter plateau above miles of vineyards, it evokes stony splendor. The Duomo here is among the most magnificent of Italy's Romanesque-Gothic cathedrals.


The cosmopolitan hub of Umbria. High fashion, art galleries, archaeological museums and youthful nightlife reign here. Don't miss the internationally acclaimed Umbria Jazz Festival held in Perugia every July.


Narrow streets and a rich medieval past describe this small village named for its location high up a hill in the Vale of Spoleto (hence Montefalco, or Falcon's Mount). Don't miss the frescoed Museo Civico.


It appears as if cradled between two hills above the Tiber valley, a visually stunning location, and retains every flavorful realm of its historic past - Etruscan, Roman and medieval. The Piazza del Popolo is the center of town, featuring a lovely Duomo.


Older than Rome, with archaeological remains dating back as far as 300 B.C., it is plied by wonderful twisting streets and alleyways - a model Umbrian town in the foot hills of the Apennines. Lording over it is the impressive Palazzo dei Consoli.

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