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Virgin Gorda villa rentals are especially popular among visitors seeking private accommodations, solitude and independence, truly the essence of what Virgin Gorda villas so openly provide, on an island known for its exclusive resort facilities and posh, self-sufficient hotels. From the snorkelers paradise known as "The Baths" at the boulder-strewn southern tip, to the tranquil beachfront villas at Mahoe Bay, to the Bitter End Yacht Club resort located well to the northeast, this premium destination in the British Virgin Islands combines upmarket class with a decidedly laid-back Caribbean charm.



Wimco specializes in Virgin Gorda villa rentals, with an enticing selection of hillside Virgin Gorda villas and magical beachfront Virgin Gorda villas offering privacy and seclusion in untrammeled, picturesque settings. The lifestyle on Virgin Gorda is considerably slower-paced than that on St. Thomas—or even Tortola for that matter—which may be appealing to vacation seekers focused on solitude, evenings in, and unstructured time. The landscape is panoramic and hilly, the beaches sublime, the snorkeling, swimming and windsurfing unmatched. Virgin Gorda villa rentals truly represent a retreat from the workaday world and a private adjustment to carefree fun and relaxation.


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Swimming in the great granite grottos at the Baths is Virgin Gorda’s postcard persona, but the destination is even more than that and a vacation spent in any of the private Virgin Gorda villa rentals scattered about the island puts you in touch with its unique Caribbean allure. Upscale resorts at places such as the Bitter End Yacht Club and Little Dix Bay offer a change in venue, exquisite dining and a variety of organized watersports. Sailing yachts from St. John, St. Thomas and Tortola come over to partake in the island’s coastal charms.


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