12 Amazing Pools from Around the World

12 Amazing Pools from Around the World

Villa Coco, St. Barths

Ah, to be by the pool – the pinnacle of vacation. Synonymous with relaxation, rest, and retreat from the bustle of everyday life. For most (if not all) vacations, a pool is one of the most requested features. Take a dip with us, around the world, in some of the best pools our villa collection has to offer. And if any pique your interest, feel free to contact us for more details.




12 Amazing Pools from Around the World

1. Turks & Caicos
2. Anguilla
3. France
4. The Virgin Islands
5. Mexico
6. Mustique
7. St. Martin
8. St. Barths


Villas in TURKS & CAICOS

Villa Hawksbill

12 Amazing Pools from Around the World

Villa Hawksbill, Turks & Caicos

Grace Bay, Turks & Caicos | 8 Bedrooms | 8 Bathrooms

12 Amazing Pools from Around the WorldWhat’s not to love about Villa Hawksbill? This multi-generational estate has been a WIMCO favorite, and with good reason. Built-in the contemporary Caribbean style, Villa Hawksbill is the perfect blend of natural materials and modern comforts. The infinity pool gracefully accents the length and width of the home, bookended by a jacuzzi and an elevated lounge area. To boot, the property hosts a tennis court, a private dock, and a private chef.






Villa Emerald Pavillion

12 Amazing Pools from Around the World

Villa Emerald Pavilion, Turks & Caicos

Grace Bay (Leeward), Turks & Caicos | 5 Bedrooms | 5 Bathrooms

12 Amazing Pools from Around the WorldVilla Emerald Pavillion Contemporary in style, Villa Emerald Pavilion, with its reclaimed teak woods and clean white lines, is everything one would imagine a villa in Turks & Caicos to be. Mirroring the clear Caribbean waters of Grace Bay beach, Villa Emerald Pavilion’s pool is an enhancement to any type of vacation. With semi-submerged chaise lounges (and plenty of opportunities for dryer seating situations), the pool is the social highlight of the villa.






The Allure of | GRACE BAY BEACH

12 Amazing Pools from Around the WorldTangoing annually between first and second place for TripAdvisor’s World’s Best Beach award, this 12-mile stretch of baby-powder soft white sand is where most of the magic happens in Turks & Caicos. Walking Grace Bay Beach means easy access to a plethora of bars, restaurants, water activities, natural wonders, and more.









Villas in ANGUILLA

Villa Cap Juluca

12 Amazing Pools from Around the World

Villa Cap Jutuca, Anguilla

Belmond Cap Juluca, Anguilla | 5 Bedrooms | 5 Bathrooms

12 Amazing Pools from Around the WorldVilla Cap Juluca Originally designed by Californian architect Oscar Farmer, Belmond Cap Juluca’s Greco-Moorish architecture harkens back to far-away Mediterranian vistas. The beauty of the in-villa pool is mirrored by the complementary pools offered at the on-site restaurant Uchu (formerly Maundays Club). Enjoy a dip in either, with each offering unique moments – from an infinity pool that stretches into the Caribbean, to a waterfall effect of pools feeding into one another.







12 Amazing Pools from Around the WorldAnguilla’s Belmond Cap Juluca has been a long-time favorite resort of the WIMCO team. From stellar dining experiences like Pimms to easy-access activities like snorkeling, tennis, and more, Cap Juluca has it all. Once you see the open, all-white facade of the resort, complemented by an unreal blue sea and sky, vacation mode turns on. Anguilla Hotels








Villa Kishti

12 Amazing Pools from Around the World

Villa Kishti, Anguilla

Blackgarden Bay, Anguilla | 5 Bedrooms | 5 Bathrooms

12 Amazing Pools from Around the WorldVilla Kishti An homage to Balinese architecture, Villa Kishti’s tripartite design consists of a central hub, master suite, and three self-contained villas, all arranged in a fan-like plan. Built to challenge the concepts of shelter and traditional domains, interior and exterior blur. Pools are layered throughout – outlining the property as well as complementing master suites and entertainment spaces. You may spend a few days here and never sit in the same body of water.






Must-Try Dining | SALT, ANGUILLA

12 Amazing Pools from Around the World

Salt, Anguilla

The edge of the world is on a blufftop overlooking Barnes and Meads Bay. SALT, a Caribbean restaurant minutes away from Villa Kishti is the perfect balance of amazing food and jaw-dropping atmosphere. We are quite fond of the way they cook their lobster and their caramel cheesecake with lemon earl grey ice cream. Anguilla Restaurants

Villas in FRANCE

Villa Matisse

12 Amazing Pools from Around the World

Villa Matisse, St. Tropez

St. Tropez, France | 8 Bedrooms | 8 Bathrooms

12 Amazing Pools from Around the WorldVilla Matisse As tranquil as a Monet, Villa Matisse offers French living with a tropical flair. Swimming in this pool, surrounded by bougainvillea and palms, feels Gatsby-esque. The length of the pool is good enough for a swim, whereas the gentle steps leading into the pool are perfect for lounging with a drink in hand. From the waters of your private villa, you are afforded the unique view of both St. Tropez and the Mediterranean.






A Bite in St. Tropez | MANKO

12 Amazing Pools from Around the World

Manko, St. Tropez


With its grand opening in June of this year, Manko St. Tropez is a Peruvian restaurant mere steps away from Villa Matisse. The brainchild of Chef Gaston Acurio and the Moma Group, Manko offers intricate drinks and delicate dishes. We can’t wait to try their Pêche & Lila cocktail and their Tiraditos lobster.









Necker Island

12 Amazing Pools from Around the World

Necker Island, The Virgin Islands

Necker Island, the Virgin Islands | 11 Bedrooms | 11 Bathrooms

12 Amazing Pools from Around the WorldNecker Island Balinese-style architecture, punctuated by verdant greenery and Caribbean blues makes Sir Richard Branson’s private island a romantic retreat into the tropical wilds. Because Necker Island is (save for a few weeks of the year) only reserved for one group of guests at a time, taking a dip in The Beach Pool feels all the more exclusive. This freeform infinity pool is home to a swim-up bar, and neighbors a large hot tub big enough for 30 people.






A Rare Opportunity | CELEBRATION WEEKS

12 Amazing Pools from Around the World

Celebration Week, Necker Island

Necker Island is normally an all-in-one package, where visiting the island means renting the whole island out for your stay. However, a few weeks of the year, Necker Island becomes open to by-room rentals for the span of 7 days. Celebration Weeks are a great way to enjoy the island as a couple, with an intimate group of friends, or a small family excursion.






Villas in MEXICO

Villa Aqua

12 Amazing Pools from Around the World

Villa Aqua, Mexico

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico | 5 Bedrooms | 6 Bathrooms

12 Amazing Pools from Around the WorldVilla Aqua Art deco and Spanish colonial architecture collide in Playa Del Carmen’s Villa Aqua. Warm whites, reds, and terracottas accent the vivid blue of the double-arched pool, which traces the atrium of the residence. With 5 bedrooms, Villa Aqua was built for the enjoyment of larger groups. Expansive floor-to-ceiling windows and strategic plant placement blend the indoor/outdoor spaces of this residence and put more emphasis on its show-stopping pool.






The Spot for Brunch | LARA & LUCA

12 Amazing Pools from Around the WorldWith rave foodie reviews and just-right prices, Lara & Luca may seem too good to be true. A few minutes walk from “the end” of 5th Avenue, this cute and colorful eatery offers some of the best eggs benedicts and juice varieties in the area. Enjoy strong Mexican coffee while you plan out the rest of your day.





Villa Turquesa

12 Amazing Pools from Around the World

Villa Turquesa, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico | 9 Bedrooms | 11 Bathrooms

12 Amazing Pools from Around the WorldVilla Turquesa Shaded by palapa and decorated with Saltillo tiles, Villa Turquesa offers an authentic Mexican experience with unbeatable cliffside views. Perfectly bohemian, this 9-bedroom stay is outfitted with everything from a theater and putting green, to a gym and a fireplace. The pool, however, is certainly the crowned jewel. With a swim-up bar (perfect for a poolside Piña colada) and a jacuzzi (great for lounging after a long day of fun), you may find no reason to leave your villa.





Romantic Vistas | LOVER’S BEACH

12 Amazing Pools from Around the World

Lover’s Beach, Mexico

Accessible only by water taxi or paddleboard, Lover’s Beach is a small bit of land perched between the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean. It’s here you will find unbeatable snorkeling, once-in-a-lifetime views, and the famous Land’s End granite rock formation. Be sure to ride a glass-bottom boat there, to soak in the vast array of sea life below.





Villas in MUSTIQUE

Villa Les Jolies Eaux

12 Amazing Pools from Around the World

Villa Les Jolies Eaux, Mustique

Hillside, Mustique | 5 Bedrooms | 5 Bathrooms

12 Amazing Pools from Around the WorldCrafted for the late HRH Princess Margaret, the Countess of Snowden, by well-known architect Oliver Messel, Villa Les Jolies Eaux is nothing short of a work of art. Clean, uncomplicated decor, and a proclivity for symmetry, this desired 5-bedroom residence offers calm amongst the wilds of Mustique. The pool here is no exception, with identical entry points and elegant lines leading out to an unspoiled panoramic view.






Beachfront Fare | THE BEACH CAFE

Shoes off, taste buds on! The casual atmosphere of the Beach Cafe is a great place for casual conversation with fellow Mustique enthusiasts, all while watching a sunset over Endeavor Bay. If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic way to cool down, there is a dedicated Ice Cream Parlour that serves fresh ice’s and smoothies. Mustique Info

Villas in
Villa Cest La Vie
Plum Beach, St. Martin | 6 Bedrooms | 6 Bathrooms
Villa Cest La Vie Whether you are taking a dip in its heated waters or crossing a small bridge to reach the jacuzzi nestled within, being poolside at Villa C’est La Vie is, well, the life. The attention to detail – from lovingly painted sea life murals on the bottom of the pool, to plenty of creative space for lounging – makes this beachside retreat a must-stay. Once you’re there, the poolside bar (outfitted with a happy-hour bartender), a hammock, and a sound system fit for a nightclub may just be everything you need.

Boho Chic by the Beach

The epitome of “fun in the sun”, Rainbow Cafe in Grand Case offers non-stop entertainment, unparalleled views (sunsets there are a must), and a food and drink menu that simply will not quit. Go for the Caribbean and French cuisine, but stay for the immaculate vibes. St Martin Restaurants

Villas in
Villa Palm Beach
Lorient, St. Barths | 5 Bedrooms | 5 Bathrooms
Villa Palm Beach Villa Palm Beach’s historic St. Barths-style “Case” roof and beachfront views of the coveted Lorient Beach make it a bucket-list stay. With a 44-foot heated pool that stretches from the living quarters to the white sands of Lorient, you may feel like you have a whole resort to yourself. Chaise lounges trim the edges of the pool, and large palms hang overhead, creating a perfect way to catch rays and relax the day away.
Villa Coco
Lorient, St. Barths | 3 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms
Villa Coco What a difference a little elevation makes. Cresting the hillsides of Lorient, not too far away from the sea-level Villa Palm Beach, is Villa Coco. This 3-bedroom stay offers iconic panoramic views of neighboring Anguilla and St. Martin and an even more iconic pool to match. Lounging at the edge of the nautilus-shaped heated infinity pool feels much like lounging at the edge of the world.

Sea, Sun, and Rhum

One beach over, on the shores of St. Jean, is boho restaurant and beach bar, Gyp Sea Beach. With a mixture of cuisines brought together by barbeque and drinks that range from handcrafted cocktails to smoothies and freshly-squeezed juices, Gyp Sea Beach is a great place to spend most of your time. St Barths Restaurants