8 Tips from the Experts on Turks & Caicos

Turks & Caicos lures travelers for its easy-to-get to location and gorgeous waters (with tons of activities to try). With so much interest in this special place, we rounded up reviews from all our guests’ travels, and asked our Villa Specialists to weigh in: “What are the top tips about renting a villa on Turks?” 

1). Know if you want seclusion or energy 

Providenciales (“Provo”, as it’s known) is a bigger island than first meets the eye. For some, the idea of a perfect vacation is not seeing a soul, and having a beach practically all to yourself: Sapodilla Bay and Taylor’s Bay are great regions to bask in that solitude. If you’re the type who likes to be near action, then ask us about spots on Grace Bay Beach. Here you can bike or walk to nearby restaurants, and the beach itself has a certain buzz.

2). A villa is totally private, even at a beachfront spot

Many guests love a beachfront villa but wonder about the privacy aspect. Our villas with beach access are usually set back enough (or on a small bluff) so that beachgoers can’t typically see in. There are some exceptions, so be sure to ask your villa specialist. See all beachfront villas in Turks.

3). Ask us about beach chairs and pool toys

So many villas in Turks & Caicos are beachfront. Some come with beach chairs, floaties, and the like. Ask us if yours does—that way when you’re planning your beach days, you’ll know what to expect. Especially important if you’re traveling with young kids.

4). Questions about A/C

All Turks villas have A/C in the bedrooms, but seldom in any other room – most villas charge guests a metered rate for using A/C (some owners provide an allotment to help offset the cost).  This situation is unique to Turks, as electricity costs fluctuate wildly and owners can never predict the rate variability from one month to another.

5). Feel comfortable with your concierge

It can be difficult to make the jump from a hotel to a villa, even if you’ve stayed in villas elsewhere. We totally get it (and we’re happy to consult and book you in hotels, too!) One of the nicest things is that when you arrive in Turks & Caicos, you’ll be met by a WIMCO representative at the airport. Throughout the rest of your stay, you can rely on your concierge to book last-minute restaurant reservations and to organize private chefs, scuba excursions and more. Some vacationers want to be independent and others like us at their beck and call. Learn more about our concierge service.

6). To rent a car or not

Whether you’re staying at a beach villa, hotel, or even inland, we always recommend renting a car on Provo. Taxis are comparatively quite expensive on the island (rates are charged per person—making a quick trip add up). We can arrange rental cars for you. The island is very safe for driving, as long as you remember to drive on the left side of the road!

7). Turks is low-key laid-back living

If you’ve spent time in some of the quieter Caribbean locales – Virgin Islands, for example – you can expect a similar relaxed way of life on Provo. On the whole, restaurants are casual (albeit delicious) and local in feel. Of course, there are many exceptions—like the Grace Bay Club or Coco Bistro—but visitors should know that Turks is not the see-and-be-seen vibe that permeates such places as St. Barths or St Tropez. Read about a perfect weekend in Turks & Caicos with friends.

8). Flying in to Provo

One of the perks of Turks & Caicos is that it’s an easy flight for many: JFK, Newark, Charlotte, Atlanta, Miami, and Dallas (on selected days) all fly non-stop. Upon arriving in Provo, you’ll go through the usual customs, which on some days can be a long process. Saturdays can be especially crowded, as villa rentals also typically fall on Saturday-Saturday. VIP lounge access (small fee) alleviates the stress of waiting in long airport lines for your homebound flight. You can contact our Air Desk at AirReservations@wimco.com

Have you rented a villa on Turks & Caicos? If so, what are your top tips?