A few questions with… Villa Specialist Glennie

Say Glennie’s name to any WIMCO client, and they’ll immediately have a fond story of working with her. As one of WIMCO’s most tenured Villa Specialists, she knows the villas like the back of her hand, and has so many wonderful memories about “the old days” to share.

A directory of St. Barths restaurants from 1979. Courtesy of SBHOnline
A directory of St. Barths restaurants from 1979. Courtesy of SBHOnline

The first restaurant you went to on St. Barths…

It would have been 1990. On my first trip I had the most delightful experience of Chez Francine – and I remember vividly the fresh crabmeat salad served with grace by Francine.  The memories can still flood over me when I remember the sunshine, warmth, incredible food and the rose and thinking, could life get any better than this????

The one place you wish was still open…

I had an incredible experience at The Lafayette Club with a wonderful client and an on-island friend and I would have to say that it was incredibly special – oh and La Marine when those fresh mussels would arrive from France on Thursdays and the frites would be piled high – oh that combined with sitting so close to the harbor….could have been St. Tropez – only better.

Drinks at The incomparable, feet-in-the-sand Lafayette Club, St Barths Restaurants
The incomparable, feet-in-the-sand Lafayette Club. Photo courtesy SBHOnline

Your perfect St. Barths meal…

That goes without saying – Sunday lunch wins every time whether it’s in somebody’s home sharing their quiet day over a long leisurely lunch going to sunset or perhaps when Filao was still open – sitting under the yellow hibiscus  with the sun dappling the group gathered in friendship and love…those days will forever be treasured.

Memories from Filao Beach, St Barths
Memories from Filao Beach

Scents & sounds that remind you of the island

The sound of the church bells at the Anglican church and the words of welcome each time you return….not to mention the music (remembering Charles Darden) and the birds floating in and out.  Or perhaps it’s the warm welcome upon returning to Maya’s and Randy’s ever present graciousness.

The Anglican church in the center of Gustavia, St Barths
The Anglican church in the center of Gustavia

Your favorite time of year on island

I’ve always thought that late October/early November is a very special time on St. Barths.  Everything is opening for the season and the island is usually quite green and smells fresh and clean.  People are refreshed and delighted to welcome you back and there’s an air of anticipation of what the “season” will bring – new stores, new restaurants – and still the tried and true and familiar.

Favorite Villas:


WIMCO Villas, La Vue Panoramique, WV PAT, St. Barthelemy, Mont Jean, Family Friendly Villa, 2 Bedroom Villa, 3 Bathroom Villa, Pool, Villa Pool, WiFi,  a favorite of Glennie's in Mont Jea
Villa La Vue Panoramique (WV PAT), a favorite of Glennie’s in Mont Jean