The Best Restaurants in Turks and Caicos to Bring Your Foodie Friends

The best restaurants in Turks and Caicos offer unique dining experiences you won’t find anywhere else in the Caribbean

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When you first started thinking about taking a trip to Turks and Caicos islands with your friends, you probably only had a few things on your mind: relaxing on the beach, finding a few fun beach bars and swimming in the sparkling turquoise water. However, if you, or anyone in your group, loves gourmet cuisine, there area few restaurants you absolutely cannot miss during your time in paradise. Add any (or all) of these culinary gems to your vacation itinerary, and you’ll impress your travel companions with your insider knowledge of the best restaurants in Turks and Caicos.

Only the best: restaurants in Turks and Caicos you must experience

You will be hard-pressed to find a so-so meal anywhere in Turks and Caicos, but there are a few establishments that simply bring dining to the next level. You may have had amazing meals in many of the major cosmopolitan cities around the globe, but you haven’t lived until you’ve gotten a taste of what the best restaurants in Turks and Caicos have to offer. Could it be Jerk Wellington Freebird Chicken Supreme, or perhaps something else?

1. Coyaba Restaurant

“Coyaba” is an old Arawak Indian word meaning “heavenly,” and that is the perfect way to describe the atmosphere and food at Coyaba Restaurant. You’ll dine in a lush tropical garden setting adorned with twinkling lights – a true culinary oasis.

The menu changes frequently to ensure you’ll always have your choice of the most innovative and fresh dishes, and the extensive wine list is quite impressive. Chef Paul Newman has also been known occasionally to offer a 7-course gourmet tasting menu.

Sample dish: Jerk Wellington Freebird Chicken Supreme (Winning Dish, Iron Chef, “Hot & Spicy,” Toronto 2011) – Tropical fruit merenge, sautéed ackee and callalloo, all spice tea, and island thyme jus.

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2. Infiniti Restaurant & Raw Bar

This oceanfront restaurant (formerly known as Anacaona) on Grace Bay Beach offers premier gourmet dining. As you relax in the fresh, open-air, you will be in awe of the menu’s selection of Caribbean fusion cuisine with a focus on fresh ingredients, modern presentations, and global influences.

When you’re done with dinner, don’t forget to stroll over to the nearby Infiniti Bar — the longest bar in the Caribbean (90 feet) and the first infinity-edge bar in the world.

Sample dish: Lobster Lobster Tasting Menu – Includes Sesame Lobster Tempura (complimenting sauces, pickled relish), Lobster Lemongrass Soup (lobster quenelle, mushrooms, asparagus), Lobster Agnaloti (tomato emulsion, smoked corn), Grilled Island Lobster Tail (fingerling potatoes, burnt lemon butter), and Pineapple Cheesecake (slow cooked pineapple, island mango sorbet).

3. Coco Bistro

Nestled in the largest palm grove on Provo, Coco Bistro has earned a pristine reputation with both visitors and residents for its fresh, creative cuisine and unmatched service.

Stuart Gray, the Executive Chef and owner of Coco Bistro, cultivates his own herb garden to be sure he always has plenty of unique varieties available to compliment the flavor of his dishes without being overpowering. His culinary masterpieces are so renowned that the restaurant now offers a cookbook that you can purchase on-site for your own collection.

Sample dish: Roast Lamb Rack with Herb Crust – served with goat cheese scalloped potatoes, French beans, beet root paint, and a Caicos Lager onion sauce.

4. Fire & Ice

Though this restaurant shares the same name as a stateside chain, you can be assured that Fire & Ice on Turks and Caicos offers a completely different experience. One of the newer dining establishments on the island, Fire & Ice has quickly developed a name for itself and recently unveiled a new menu with a focus on Mediterranean dishes and seafood.

Why is it called Fire & Ice? Because you are encouraged to begin your meal at the Ice Bar with some sipping drinks, and then order dessert by the fire pits in the Fire Lounge. It’s a complete dining experience from the first cocktail to “check, please,” — and it’s all overlooking the outstanding teal waters of Mangrove Cay.

Sample dish: Cataplana – The signature Mediterranean dish, available as a single portion that serves two people, or as a three-course family-style option placed in the center of the table. Includes Fatoush salad with tuna, tropical salad, a dessert of your choice, and either fresh clam cataplana (fresh clams cooked in a copper dish with white wine and light tomato broth), or fresh seafood cataplana (lobster, prawns, snapper, clams, mussels cooked in a copper dish with white wine and light tomato broth).

5. Grace’s Cottage

Grace’s Cottage offers a charming, old-world vibe that sophisticated diners absolutely adore. The cottage has lovely gingerbread trim you can admire from the outdoor gazebo or terrace seating, while inside boasts a mahogany bar, antique yellow walls, and a dark stained ceiling.

The ambiance is just part of the allure, however. The menu features diverse gourmet Caribbean dishes, and you will be dreaming about the impressive wine menu long after you return home.

Sample dish: Pistachio Encrusted Sea Bass – with citrus sauce and roasted butternut pumpkin.

6. Somewhere Cafe

Located directly on Grace Bay beach, this is a perfect spot for lunch (try the conch ceviche or tacos), or a sunset drink. The second floor deck looks out over the ocean, and from there you can see the protected Coral Garden reef just off shore. On Sundays they have a DJ play, and on Friday nights a jazz singer. Like everywhere else the service here is super friendly.

Sample dish: TCI LOBSTER ROLL – local Caicos lobster, lime, cilantro, mayo, celery, onion on a fresh split top roll topped with crispy potatoes, and choice of french fries or yucca fries

Unforgettable Culinary Excursions Are Essential When Traveling

Choosing the right restaurants will not just elevate your entire experience in Turks and Caicos, but also give you something delicious to look forward to when you return on your next trip.

Because these are the best restaurants in Turks and Caicos, reservations are highly recommended. If you are traveling with WIMCO, your Villa Specialist will be happy to make those reservations for you.

And, don’t forget: having a private chef prepare a meal in your villa is always a highlight for travelers who appreciate fine dining and exclusive cuisine. Ask your WIMCO Villa Specialist to arrange this experience for your group.

Turks and Caicos boasts over 200 miles of soft white sand beaches and the third largest coral reef system in the world. The best part? Paradise is just a four hour flight from New York City by air. Book your trip now.

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