Hike to Anse de Colombier

Anse de Combier is one of St Barths’ most beautiful beaches and the hike to get there makes the destination even more memorable.   Offering panoramic views and perspectives of the island’s jewel-toned coastline, the 25 min walk is truly amazing.

Hike to Colombier
High cliffs with dramatic views lead to Anse de Colombier

To get there, we headed to Flamands, a charming quartier with its own amazing beach, and continued down the road until the very end.   We parked along the right hand side (there’s usually plenty of space available) and began our adventure at the head of the trail marked by a typical, hand-painted tile sign reading “Colombier”.  Right away we came across a number of tortoises, both large and small, as well as quite a few butterflies.  From there, the path went from mostly dirt to rockier terrain, and large cacti began to line each side.  To the left, sweeping mountain sides with low lying shrubs provided an unparalleled sense of seclusion while, on the right, the cliffs dropped off to reveal stunning turquoise water and white caps breaking over the reef. As we continued forward, sometimes up hill and sometimes down, the trail would occasionally be covered by twisted, low-lying trees creating little tunnels.  At some points, stairs were carved into giant exposed reef rocks beneath over hangs giving the feeling of a lush moonscape; I felt like I was on another planet.

Nearing the end of the trail, the previously tree-and-shrub-covered terrain shifts to a more open, craggy slope; this is where I caught my first glimpse of the beach at Colombier.  I could see the masts of sailboats in the distance dotting the small bay, reaching up from the crystal clear water below.  With a few more steps, we arrived at the path’s end and quickly found our way to stairs leading to the beach.  The last few stairs were washed away by Hurricane Luis back in 1995, so with a short hop down, we landed at our destination: an idyllic white sand cove with shockingly blue water.  Spectacular.

Reef rocks line the path to Colombier.
Reef rocks line the path to the beach.

A perfect spot for a picnic, swim, stroll, or even an afternoon of underwater exploration, Anse de Colombier is truly worth the hike.  I recommend wearing suitable hiking shoes or sneakers, and don’t forget to pack provisions for a picnic- once you get there you will surely want to stay and enjoy the tranquility.  If you have snorkel gear, bring that too – the reef in Colombier is one of the best spots to find sea turtles on the island.

Secluded beach at Colombier only accessible by hiking or boat.
Secluded beach at Colombier is only accessible by hiking or boat.