Maui’s Villa HHI AQU: A Picture of Hawaiian Perfection

Villa HHI AQU is a Maui dream come true.

As you drift in the infinity pool at Villa HHI AQU and the rush of the waterfall lulls you into a light trance, you’ll watch the sun set behind the horizon and wonder if there is any place as perfect as Maui. Set in an idyllic nature preserve, Villa HHI AQU is a picture of Hawaiian perfection. With lush foliage and magnificent ocean views, this 2-bedroom Maui villa gives guests the feeling of being a million miles away while remaining close to beaches and downtown. Perfect for two couples traveling together or a small family, the bedrooms are located in separate pods, allowing for comfort and privacy. Guests can stay home, bask in the sun and enjoy the superb snorkeling of Ahihi Bay right in their own backyard. Villa guests can also indulge in the infinity pool. Surrounded by lava rocks and complete with a waterfall, the pool is heated to an ideal 82 degrees, perfect for those who want nothing more to do than drift in the water and enjoy the tranquility of a Hawaiian day. For those who want to explore Maui beyond their private villa, this Hawaiian hideaway is located within walking distance of three beaches, including the world-famous Big Beach. Just ten minutes away in Wailea, guests can enjoy high-end shopping at Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Fendi, among others, as well as delicious dining opportunities from the steak and seafood of Duo to the Polynesian cuisine of Humuhumunukunukuapua’a. With so much to offer, you will understand why they call this paradise.