On St. Barths: Turtles and Tortoises

Turtles on St. Barths are not a rare sight by any means. You can find them in the water, gracefully gliding in the sea or you can find them on land. You may come across these tortoises on the roads, while they attempt to cross to the other side. Many St. Barths natives will stop their cars if they see a tortoise and carry it to safety, always in the direction that the tortoise was headed for. I had to stop four times this afternoon! They are also common pets for the local children who will feed them hibiscus flowers or lettuce.  As a child, my sister and I each had one. They both escaped as they grew bigger and could leave the garden by themselves, but they have left me with a fondness for them. Sea turtles are more difficult to approach. They are quite skittish and will swim away from any perceived danger, a large human floating or diving close will scare them. But, if you are quiet and unhurried, you will be able to observe them. They are usually found in Colombier Bay or Marigot Bay in St Barths. All you need is a scuba gear….. and sometimes, a lot of patience!