Q&A with Beauty & Well Being’s Clémence von Mueffling

For some, vacation is a time to drop one’s normal routine, and totally veg out. For others, it’s a time to reset the body, to focus on eating fresh foods, staying active, and achieving a mind-body balance. As a frequent traveler to St. Barths and founder of the new online magazine Beauty and Well Being, Clemence von Mueffling shares her advice on her favorite travel snacks, the books she’s reading on well-being, and how to disconnect (hint, put down your phone!).

Clemence Von Mueffling

What are your favorite ways to stay in shape on vacation?

Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, so I don’t stress myself with any routine. I eat normally and healthy. As far as exercise, I naturally enjoy being active. It’s a pleasure to be active for thirty minutes to an hour every other day. If there is stand up paddle or yoga available, I do that, otherwise, just swimming. I adapt depending on what’s easy to do where I am.

In the Caribbean, there’s so much fresh food. What are some of your favorite healthy dishes?

I love Papaya, peanuts and spices. Eddy’s in St Barth has a wonderful salad mixing these flavors. I also like watermelon-feta cheese salads as well as fresh coconut water.

Many people feel puffy after a long day of traveling. Is there any way to combat that?

My regimen starts on the plane. I always travel with my own snacks (such as dark chocolate, raw almonds, kale chips or Go Raw bars—my favorite these days) and teas such as the Detox Blend by Kusmi Tea. This way I avoid plane or airport food. After arriving, the first day I have light meals and no alcohol.

What are your thoughts on working on vacation? Should you totally disconnect to reap the full benefits?

Everybody is so different. Some people like to work everyday a little. In that case I think that finding one or two hours to work is OK, but bringing your cell phone and constantly checking e-mails while on holidays with friends and family is not ok.

Have you read any books on health/ wellness recently that would be good vacation reads?

Absolutely! I recently love I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson—interesting and full of great recipes. At the moment I am finishing two different books: one is The Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age. The other one, but is in French, is about meditation and is called Méditer Jour Après Jour by Christophe André. Once I am done with those the next one on my pile is Sleep for Success by Dr. James B. Maas. It will be a subject that we will talk about in one of my e-magazine’s future issues!

What’s your morning routine on vacation?

I drink lots of water. Then I apply a toner to my face-neck-décolleté (these days I like Avène or Filorga), then I apply a moisturizer with SPF. And then I have a big breakfast!

Your favorite way to de-stress?

I love to swim. I disconnect from everything. I also love to apply body oils with beautiful smells. Essence of Vali has great ones that are very calming. Otherwise Joëlle Ciocco or Leonor Greyl Huile Secret de Beauté  have beautiful smells that remind me of holidays in the South of France… very relaxing too!

What are you favorite spots on St. Barths for beauty and wellness?

A session at Excellence des Sens where Christophe Marchesseau or Cecile (from his team) give the best massages and advice. To get a facial: Tanagra is a great place and they use Joëlle Ciocco products. For everything else: scrub, manicure, etc at the Spa of L’Oasis with Sandra, who is the best. She is a pro and extremely nice. For healthy food St Barth now has incredible places! Juices at ‘Tom’s Juice Bar’; Healthy Salads made of raw foods and super foods at ‘So Cuisine’.

 *Want to book a massage or spa service? Your WIMCO concierge will be delighted to arrange all of the details.

How does your beauty routine change when you’re on vacation in a warm sunny spot?

I’ll apply a stronger SPF cream to face-neck-décolleté and hands! If I’m meeting with people that day, I will opt for a tinted moisturizer with SPF for my face. I really like Clarins, Erborian and Shiseido.

What is your favorite sunscreen?

L’oreal, Avène and Shiseido.  I also keep a UV t-shirt in my beach bag in case I am going to spend lots of time in the sea.


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