St Barths

Way back in 2008 I was lucky enough to spend New Years in St Barths and it was everything you are probably imagining: yachts, decadent parties, beautiful girls, lots of champagne and… well it was all a blur really.. Which is why I jumped at the opportunity to explore it again in the off season with my friend Yvan Rodic. And what a new experience it was – I saw the island again (in the daylight!) with whole new eyes.

Lets get the fancy stuff out of the way. We stayed at the most jaw-droppingly beautiful villa courtesy of the amazing Wimco Villas , a company that specializes in St Barths villa vacations. They’ll find you a villa, set-up your flights, then provide 24/7concierge service should you ever need anything during your stay. If this is the kind of thing you can swing then you should totally do it. I think the pictures of the villa speak for themselves here.

To balance out the decadence of the villas we made an effort to hop in our rental car each day and really explore the island in a way that we might not have if we were hiding away behind the walls of some all inclusive resort. Here are the highlights:

Plage du Governeur.

Stunning white sand beach. I’m not sure if it was nudist but I definitely took my clothes off upon arrival. When nature is that beautiful without any help from man, I feel it is only courtesy to reciprocate and enjoy it in my natural state!

(By the way, in my excitement I left antique lace dress somewhere deep down on the beach. Whoever took it – I hope you are having as much fun in it as I did!)

Grand Fond/ Washing Machine / Piscine Naturelle

It’s a bit of a drive to get here but totally worth the landscape which doesn’t fit the typical St Barths postcard image that most of us have. It felt like we were on the surface of the moon! The Piscine Naturelle are these pools of green water that are actually filled with sea urchins – something I found out the hard way. If you can find a spot that’s not prickly, the water is delicious and warm and photo opportunities abound.

Colombier beach

Like all magical places, its a bit of an effort to get here. But those who do the hike are rewarded with the most beautiful secluded beach where you can strip down, drink rum and dance until sunset to your hearts content. Or at least that is what I did. This beach is exactly what you imagine to St Barths to be, it’s the ultimate postcard perfect St Barths cliche – but guess what? I was not complaining one bit!

Once again, special thanks to Cecilia and Wimco Villas and last but not least Fly Trade Wind. They are the ONLY way you want to fly onto the island. That landing is no joke and they know what they are doing.

x Nat

st barths villa view

st barths vanilla rum

st barths natural pools

st barths natural pools

st barths colombier

st barths infinity pool

By Nathalie Kelley
Photos Nathalie Kelley
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