St. Barth Gourmet Festival, November 10-14, 2021

Once again St. Barts will stage a multi-day food and wine event that reminds us all why it is the culinary capital of the Caribbean.

The patron chef for the 2021 edition of the St Barth Gourmet Festival is Pierre Gagnaire. Awarded three Michelin stars for 20 consecutive years, it’s no wonder that he was elected “the best-starred chef in the world” by his peers. For those of you living in or visiting Paris, most days you can find him at the eponymous Pierre Gagnaire restaurant at 6 rue Balzac in Paris’s 8th arrondissement.

Patron Chef Pierre GagnaireHe has invited a “Dream Team” of top French chefs to St. Barts to stage four nights of multi-course tasting menu dinners. Each chef will work in the kitchen of one of St. Barts’ top restaurants, teaming up with a local chef. Reservations are strongly encouraged. These dinners will be staged from November 10-14, 2021.

The St Barth Gourmet Festival Experience

St. Barth's Gourmet Week Tasting MenuImagine sitting down to dinner with a few friends or family members who really appreciate haute cuisine. You are in a beautiful restaurant on a French Caribbean island, the dining room is softly lit and is open to the breezes coming off the ocean. The evening starts with single bite amuse bouches, then progresses to subtle appetizers, followed by the main course featuring some of the most sophisticated flavors you’ve ever tasted. Wines from Burgundy and Bordeaux are poured, and you are wondering why you don’t do this more often. Then there are the desserts! The St Barth Gourmet Festival awaits…

Meet the Chefs starring in the St Barth Gourmet Festival

The chefs flying in to participate in the event represent the best of the best in the world of fine French dining. Among them, some run of the most revered restaurants in France, and are owners of multiple Michelin stars.

  • Pierre Gagnaire – Patron Chef and ambassador of the St. Barts Gourmet Festival and 3-Michelin star Chef at Pierre Gagnaire Paris (in residence at Carl Gustaf)
  • Eric Frechon –  3-Star Michelin Chef at Hotel Le Bristol Paris (in residence at La Petite Plage)
  • Arnaud Lallement -3-Star Michelin Chef at L’Assiette Champenoise (in residence at Guanahani)
  • Jean-Rémi Caillon – 2-Star Michelin Chef at Kintessence, K2 Palace, Courchevel (in residence at Tamarin)
  • Sébastien Vauxion – 2-Star Michelin Chef at Sarkara Restaurant, K2 Palace, Courchevel (in residence at Christopher)
  • Dimitri Droisneau – 2-Star Michelin Chef at Restaurant La Villa Madie, Cassis (in residence at L’Esprit)
  • Nicolas Beaumann – 2-Star Michelin Chef at Restaurant Maison Rostang (in residence at Nikki Beach)
  • Marcel Ravin – 1-Star Michelin Chef at Restaurant Blue Bay, Monte-Carlo Bay Hôtel & Resort, Monaco (in residence at Manapany)
  • Juan Arbelaez – Chef and Businessman, owner of 10 restaurants in Paris (in residence at Le Sereno)
  • Matthias Marc – Chef at restaurants Substance et Liquide (in residence at Zion)
  • Jean Imbert – Chef at Hôtel Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle de France (in residence at Cheval Blanc)

You can expect the chefs participating in the St Barth Gourmet Festival to walk out into the dining room before or after the meal to tell the diners about the dishes. It’s a wonderful opportunity to hear a world-class chef talk passionately about food.

Featured Restaurants

The multi-course tasting dinners that are the highlight of the St Barth Gourmet Festival have always been staged at some of the top restaurants in St Barts. In the 2021 edition of the Gourmet Festival, the participating restaurants are: L’Esprit de Jean Claude, Tamarin, Christopher, Manapany, Cheval Blanc, Nikki Beach, Zion, La Petite Plage, Le Sereno, and Le Carl Gustaf.

Tables can be hard to come by for those walking in on the spur of the moment, so we recommend making reservations well in advance. We suggest making reservations at a different restaurant each night to experience the brilliance of each of the chefs. Contact us to reserve your restaurant and villa.

Accommodations for the St. Barths Gourmet Festival 2021

Leading St. Barts villa rental company WIMCO Villas represents over 360 private villas on the island. Within that portfolio, there are several villas that lie within the capital city of Gustavia, within walking distance to most of the restaurants where the St. Barts Gourmet Festival dinners will be staged. To speak with a villa specialist about the best available options for the week of November 7 to November 14, simply send an email to [email protected], or use the Contact Us form.

Schedule of Events for the St. Barths Gourmet Festival 2021


  • 6:30 pm – Opening Ceremony at Hôtel Barrière Le Carl Gustaf St.Barth in Gustavia (by invitation only)


  • 10 am – Press Conference in presence of guest chefs at Palace Cheval Blanc St Barth Isle de France
  • 7 pm – Chef’s Dinner Partnering Restaurants


  • 7 pm – Chef’s Dinner Partnering Restaurants


  • 2 – 5 pm – “St-Barth Bartender Contest” by Enjoy St Barth & Del Maguey at L’Esprit restaurant (open to the public)
  • 5 pm – The Café Waiter’s Race by Enjoy St Barth departing from L’Esprit restaurant (open to the public)
  • 7 pm –  Chef’s Dinner Partnering Restaurants


  • 7:30 – 10 am – “St Barth Chefs Challenge” by Champagne Barons de Rothschild at Bonito. Jury members: Éric FRECHON, Pierre GAGNAIRE, Jean-Rémi CAILLON, Dimitri DROISNEAU, Matthias MARC et Jean IMBERT (open to the public)
  • 10 am – “Petites Toques St Barth” Pastry Amateur Competition, forecourt of the Collectivité, Gustavia. Jury members: Arnaud LALLEMENT, Sébastien VAUXION, Nicolas BEAUMANN, Marcel RAVIN et Juan ARBELAEZ (open to the public)
  • 12 – 1 pm – St Barth Gourmet Festival Awards Ceremony 2021, in front of the Hotel de la Collectivité, Gustavia (open to the public)
  • 7 pm – Chef’s Dinner Partnering Restaurants

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