A Summer Vacation in Italy- Day 5

Lauria with a figThe following day, we woke up early and had a quick breakfast before leaving for Florence. On the way to Florence, we stopped in Busanna Vecchia- an artist colony sort-of place that was honestly a little weird. We weren’t sure we were in the right place initially, so we parked and walked around a seaside town, where we picked some great fresh figs from some random trees for a snack. I know it sounds sketchy, but they were really good!

We finally found the place we were actually looking for by driving on some sketchy roads through a hilly area. There were some cool church ruins here and interesting architecture, but, overall, I wasn’t overly impressed. A lot of the little galleries were closed, which was unfortunate.   From Busanna, we made our way to Florence. At one point, we took a wrong turn and drove through what appeared to be a prison compound, which was a little intimidating. Nevertheless, we found our way to Florence, where my friend’s family left us, and we were free to explore the city. Except, we were really tired so we went to sleep early.

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