A Day in Villa Fabrizia – By Silvia Braz

A Day in Villa Fabrizia – By Silvia Braz

Brazilian blogger Silvia Braz discusses her visit at Villa Fabrizia during the summer of 2016

As promised, today I will provide a tip about the incredible place that we stayed at in St. Barths! When I learned I would stay in a house, I confess I did not get very excited. I love the comfort of a hotel and 24-hour room service! But I only needed to get inside Villa Fabrizia, one of the properties that WIMCO Villas has on the island, and I could see that I was completely mistaken about our beautiful and pleasing beach house! I am already planning on going back to St. Barths and staying again in a home, and preferably in this one! I can picture my family’s faces! I already see my Maria in the infinity pool and my husband making a barbecue for us! Hahaha, what a dream! Look at the photos I took during my stay and tell me if it’s not for me to be in love so much?!

St. Barts

St. Barts

Good, but I’ll tell you all the details for those who still have doubts. WIMCO Villas is a global company that rents spectacular homes around the world! I entered the site and I had a surge of places to go to with houses in Tuscany, apartments in Paris, and it goes on! In their portfolio, the houses are just cool and well-managed! In St. Barths, we had a WIMCO butler (Concierge) who provided everything we wanted (we got his phone number, called and let him know what we wanted). He brought us breakfast every day according to our tastes. Everything was absolutely wonderful! Oh, and he greeted us at the airport. He also took all our bags on the last day, even helping us with boarding! Most top notch!


In the villa we stayed, the kitchen was super well fitted with white crockery. The suites (there were 8) had the best quality linens. The house was spotless and super well maintained (no musty smell or traces of use). I really loved it! I also found it to be a great option for those traveling with more couples. The price is much better than a hotel since it can be divided for several people, and the comfort and exclusivity is unbeatable!



Specifically at Villa Fabrizia, the house we stayed in, I loved the incredible view of the port of Gustavia and the close proximity of the town center (walking distance!). I can point it out with my eyes closed! On the WIMCO website, you have many images. Just click here to see all the details! Jordana, from Connection Destinations, could not have chosen a more special place for us to stay on this magical island! I loved it and cannot wait to go back!


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