St Barths Bucket Regatta – March 19th-22nd, 2020 – Cancelled

St Barths Bucket Regatta – March 19-22, 2020

March 14, 2020 update – The regatta committee announced on March 14 the cancellation of the 2020 edition of the St Barths Bucket regatta due to Cornovavirus concerns.

St Barths Bucket regatta update  –  The first St. Barths Bucket regatta was held in March of 1995 with a fleet of 4 yachts; SARIYAH, the 131’ S & S ketch, Tom Taylor’s 108’ Ron Holland ketch, GLEAM, Nelson Doubleday’s 130’ Palmer Johnson ketch, MANDALAY and PARLAY, the Alden design 127’ Ketch. St Barths (a.k.a. St Barts) is an ideal home for the event with an exciting topography and off-shore islands and reefs creating options for several challenging courses, all of which can be watched from land, and docks right in the village of Gustavia that can provide mooring for the classic boats that compete.

What makes the St Barts Bucket Regatta so unique is that since its inception it has always been an invitation only event,  for classic sailing boats that exceed 100′ at length at the waterline. Today the organizers call this class of sailing boats “super yachts”. Although the size of the yachts and competing fleet has grown significantly, the spirit of the event has remained unchanged. In recent years, 40 or more superyachts have gathered to compete for the Bucket in glamorous St Barths. This year the world’s most spectacular superyachts will gather in Gustavia’s harbor for the prestigious St. Barths Bucket regatta on March 19th – 22nd.

The Bucket has always been about spirited yet gentlemanly competition – no money is at stake, no advertising or sponsorships are involved, only honor and the chance to win the prize cup itself. The primary reason for the success of the Bucket Regattas is that the emphasis is more upon competing for honor and fun than about winning cash prizes. The stated goal is to “win the party”. The job for the St Barts Bucket Race Committee is to convince the most competitive boat owners on planet (demonstrated by the fact that they own these spectacular yachts in the first place) that winning isn’t important!!

The Social Side of the St Barts Bucket Regatta – Things to do

This three-day invitational regatta features both world class racing and festive post-race social activities in Gustavia’s waterfront race village. Any one visiting St Barts during the regatta can walk down to the quai, by the Captainerie, and see these spectacular boats up close. Each night after the races end there are activities and music in the race village. You’ll find that nearby restaurants and bars and in fact all of Gustavia is energized by the event during St Barts Bucket Regatta week. Here is the social event calendar for the St Barts Bucket regatta.

How are the boats divided up into race classes?

The regatta organizers divide the participating boats into categories based on how similarly they perform in the water. There are many factors that they take into account when determining class breaks including, Displacement/Length Ratio (DLR), Sail Area/Displacement Ratios, race series ratings, furling jibs when tacking, etc.  The goal being to group yachts with relatively similar sailing characteristics together – that is to have yachts which perform in a similar fashion in a variety of different conditions compete in the same class. The 2019 regatta had six racing classes. The 2020 regatta will also offer a ‘Corinthian Spirit (Les Voiles Blanche)’ class.

Where can I view the boats competing in St Barts Bucket regatta?

Watching the boats sail around St Barts is a popular pastime during St Barts Bucket regatta week. During the day, sailing fans cluster at villas or along water front roads in Gustavia, Point Milou, Colombier and Flamands, ideal view points for spying the passing fleet. Any one who is interested in taking in a few minutes of the racing can pull over at any number of spots to see the boats competing as they circle the island. Those of you who want a more up close and personal view of the boats competing in the race can contact your Villa Rental company or hotel concierge desk and arrange to charter a boat to motor alongside the boats as they sail around the island.

Where can I stay during the St Barts Bucket regatta?

The popularity of the regatta, and its winter break mid-March timing make St Barths Bucket regatta week the second biggest tourism week of the year after only their famed New Year’s Eve week. Those of you wanting to vacation on St Barts during this week can choose from renting a villa or reserving one or more rooms at a hotel. Given how popular the event is, you are advised to make your reservations as early as possible to insure that you get the villa or hotel rooms that best suit your specific needs.  Interested in vacationing in St Barths during the 2020 Bucket Regatta?  Browse St. Barths Villas


WIMCO Villas is the official villa rental and concierge services partner of the St Barths Bucket Regatta.

Results from 2019 St Barths Bucket regatta

Winner  CLASS A: Les Gazelles des Mers – Hetairos

Winner CLASS B: Les Mademoiselles del Mers – Sojana

Winner CLASS C: Les Elegantes des Mers – Aquarius

Winner CLASS D: Les Femmes des Mers – Blue Too

Winner CLASS E: Les Grandes Dames des Mers – Rose Hearty

Winner CLASS F: Les Voiles Blanche – Ohana

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