Villa Gustavia Loft: A City Dwellers Dream Come True

The city pulsates with people taking in the wonder of St. Barths as Gustavia Harbor welcomes boats into its sparkling water. Around you, St. Barths is alive as the Caribbean sunshine beams bright on this dazzling island. From the comfort of Villa Gustavia Loft, you watch the boats cruise in and out of the harbor before you take to the city streets to explore the boutiques, restaurants, and beaches of St. Barths.

Gustavia Loft is a contemporary four-bedroom villa overlooking Gustavia Harbor, ideal for those looking to stay in the city. Set in the heart of Gustavia, Gustavia Loft is perfect for taking in all the wonderful shopping, dining, and nightlife of St. Barths. Lounging on the daybed by the pool, Gustavia Harbor is spread out before you, offering picturesque vistas just beyond the limits of the infinity pool. Comfortable, clean, and modern, Gustavia Loft is wonderful for couples looking for an island retreat, or families with adult children looking to enjoy the nightlife of the St. Barths.

Gustavia Loft

Gustavia Loft

Only a short walk from the calm Caribbean water of Shell beach, Gustavia Loft is perfect for those who want to stick their toes in the sand but stay close to all the comforts and amenities of the city. Enjoy delicious meals in the evening at Do Brazil overlooking Shell beach, and then explore the nightclubs of St. Barths after dark. At the end of your night, return home to Gustavia Loft, and dream of another magnificent day on St. Barths.


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