Villa Vacation Rentals Booking Guide

Total privacy, your own pool, and the house of your dreams — what’s not to love about villa vacation rentals?

villa vacation rentals

Villa WV PAT, Mont Jean, St. Barthelemy

Congratulations — you’ve decided to investigate what goes into renting a private villa. You may not be familiar with villa vacations rentals yet, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how easy it can be when you work with a full-service villa rental company.

First things first: Where to?

There are all types of villas around the globe, so sit down with your family, friends, or whomever you’re planning to travel with, and pick a destination. WIMCO rents properties on 15 different Caribbean islands, as well as Italy, Greece, France, and also has properties in Mexico.

If you’ve narrowed it down to a few different destinations, or you simply don’t even know where to begin with making a decision, a Villa Specialist can help and will guide you toward a location that fits the needs of your party.

villa vacation rentals

Santorini, Greece

Things to consider when you browse villa vacation rentals

Once you know where you’re going, it’s time to figure out where you’re going to stay. Because staying in a villa is such a personal experience, take the time to think things through before selecting a property. A little pre-planning can go a long way in ensuring you end up in the perfect villa. You’ll want to put thought into these questions, if you haven’t already:

• How many people will be staying in the villa, and how many bedrooms will you need?

• What dates will you be traveling? Are they flexible at all?

• Do you have a weekly rental budget you need to stick to, or is there wiggle room?

• Will you be renting a car, or should your villa be close to town or public transportation?

• Do you want a beachfront property, or do you prefer something hillside?

• Is a pool essential? Are there any other amenities that you consider to be “must haves”?

Share these details with your Villa Specialist if you’re overwhelmed by all of the options for vacations rentals. All of WIMCO’s Villa Specialists have made multiple trips to the destinations where we operate. They have toured and inspected the villas, so they have first-hand knowledge of what houses might fit your criteria.

Reserve your dream villa (don’t procrastinate)

villa vacation rentals

Villa C LUN
Hillside/Terres Basses, St. Martin

There can be excellent last-minute deals on some villa vacation rentals, but waiting is usually not in your best interest. If the villa you choose is in demand, it will book up fast — sometimes up to a year in advance — so if you find the right villa, put down a deposit as soon as possible to secure the date.

Once you tell your Villa Specialist you’d like to move forward with booking a property, be prepared to give a valid credit card number to hold the date. Then, in most cases, you’ll need to provide WIMCO with a check or check-by-phone within 5 to 14 days to pay your deposit. The exact amount of your deposit varies from destination to destination, but it often ranges from 30-50 percent. Final payment is usually due 60 days before you travel, but within five days if it’s a last-minute booking.

Your Villa Specialist will outline your financial obligations upfront, so you’re totally clear on timing and what is expected.

It’s time to plan the fun stuff

villa vacation rentals

After you’ve booked the villa of your dreams, your Villa Specialist will help you fill in the memorable details. Booking a villa with WIMCO also comes with personalized concierge service and we’ll take care of everything you need. In addition to booking any airline and charter reservations, or reserving your car rental, our team can arrange so many different experiences for you or your group:

• VIP car service to/from the airport

• First-night provisioning so your fridge is stocked as soon as you arrive at your villa

• A daily visit from a yoga instructor out by your pool

• An in-villa couples massage, along with other spa services

• A multi-course meal prepared by a private chef and served on your deck at sunset

• Private tennis lessons with a local pro

• Vineyard tours and wine tasting excursions

• A day on a yacht charter to relax and go snorkeling

What makes staying in a villa so extraordinary is not just the privacy it provides, but the countless distinct ways you can personalize your experience. Staying in your own home on vacation allows you to tune out any distractions and focus on your loved ones, reconnecting, recharging, and relaxing. You’re in total control and have the ability to create a vacation you never imagined possible.

Ready to plan your villa vacation? Browse our list of FAQs to learn more, or contact a WIMCO Villa Specialist right now to get started.

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