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WIMCO in the News: Press Excerpts

“However, it’s not the nightlife or celebrities that draw me to St. Barts, it’s the luxury of privacy and relaxation and the fact that the island makes everyone feel like a billionaire. You don’t have to be a star to be a part of this show… read more”



“A holiday escape with 8 of your closest girlfriends is pretty sweet but dial it up, oh I don’t know about 1000 notches, with a private pimped out flight by Tradewind Aviation and a larger than life impeccably designed 6 bedroom La Fleur de Mer (WIMCO Villa WV BWH) complete with vast scenic views of the Caribbean Sea and sunsets to die for… read more”



“Upon landing, we were greeted at the (again, impossibly glamorous and impossibly French) airport in St. Barths by our WIMCO concierge, Moe (hi, Moe!) who helped us retrieve our rental car and took us to our villa, only to be greeted by our very own personal concierge?yes, you’re reading that correctly… read more”



“I hadn’t felt this creatively charged since the last time I took a vacation ? a real, intended break from work. It was refreshing to feel so new again. Like my ideas had married other ideas and procreated to produce new, original progeny which was only now beginning to surface and elicit that intrinsic pit of excitement that typically only comes in the wake of a good (no matter how bad it is) idea. Now, I’m no master of deductive reasoning but I do believe the top down logic would suggest that vacation = good for creativity… read more



“White sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, skiing the slopes – whatever your pleasure, it’s something we all daydream about as we sit at our desks buried under our work – the ultimate getaway. Most recently our very own Olivia Palermo had the opportunity to whisk herself away to the amazing island of St. Barths… read more”



“St. Barths (or St. Barthelemy) is an island in the Caribbean with French heritage and lots of glamour. Get ready to rub shoulders with celebrities and the most stylish fashion crowd from around the globe… read more”



“This island is so magical and unique, it’s hard to figure out where to start. It offers something other islands can’t. The villa (Villa WV DSA, via WIMCO) in St Jean was incredible, and it’s hard to imagine staying any other place now. We woke up in our villa every morning with a view to die for, overlooking the beach and the turquoise water. How could one not want to get used to this? read more”



“I am just back from a week’s vacation in St. Barths, where I fell in love with the magical (and often celeb-studded) Caribbean getaway. The volcanic island, whose very official-sounding name is Saint Barthelemy, is a French territory, so that means that two of my favorite things-fresh croissants and the ocean-were merged into one fabulous location… read more”



“Away from the harbour of Gustavia, where the boats gently bob and sway in front of the windows of Chopard or Bulgari, these confidential villas are hidden away in the 21 square kilometers of the island. To find them, there are a few solutions. Word of mouth is an option, but the surest bet is to contact WIMCO Villas, one of the island’s rental agencies. In one phone call, WIMCO will organize it all, from flights to your arrival and transfers. Feet in the sand or perched high on a mountain, the choice is yours…read more”

 – VOGUEFRANCE (en francais)


“WIMCO, which acts as the reservation agent for more than 1,200 villas in the Caribbean, maintains real-time availability on its Web site. Stiles Bennet, the marketing director for WIMCO, encourages last-minute vacationers to search the site and, ‘if they see a hole in the schedule,’ pick up the phone. ‘During peak season the minimum stay is seven days,’ he said. ‘That said, if you are making a last-minute inquiry, tell us what you need.”



“From the moment guests arrive at the airport, they are whisked away to their villas. Upon arrival they are assigned their own personal WIMCO concierge who will be available to get them whatever they want – from grocery delivery to a private yacht charter – 24/7 for the length of their stay. Our concierge was a dashing Frenchman named Guillaume, and trust me; he took very good care of us… read more



“WIMCO has a large selection of two bedroom villas on St Barths. A portion of that inventory has been selected for participation in this charity event. The final villa selection for the winner will be based on availability at the time the winner books their vacation… read more”



“Forget a hotel and consider renting a villa. Companies like WIMCO and VRBO offer hundreds of private homes for rent throughout the islands. While the upfront price can seem high, once it’s costed out per person it’s often a far better deal than any hotel could ever offer.”



“It really only got better from there. We were lucky enough to stay at the gorgeous WIMCO Villas for a long weekend of relaxing and recharging. We stayed in Villa WV RIV, which was just an ideal home away from home – it even had a fully stocked kitchen…”



“Once on the island, WIMCO’s convenient office location across the street from the airport allows for a stress-free welcome. Their team will provide you with a full-range of concierge services including last minute reservation requests, villa tours, boat, and plane charters and more… read more”



“WIMCO has spent 30 years building itself into one of the leading villa rental agencies in Saint Barths. The secret to their success: service, service, service-continuously improving.”



“Sometimes a hotel room just isn’t enough. For those in search of parlors and patios to gather a far-flung family or privacy in the form of their own moonlit pool, booking a villa, cottage or condo is the way to go… Villa rental companies such as WIMCO provide concierge services and destination expertise, and they help match properties to clients’ personalities… read more “



“The truth is, St. Barts (officially Saint Barthelemy, if you want to get French about it) is a truly magical, Eden-like place. Whether you’re going with a group (which can be loads more cost-friendly) or just prefer your own place, head to WIMCO Villas, which hosts a handful of modern escapes with all the shmancy island amenities you could hope for. Infinity pool? Check. Oceanfront balcony for reading, sleeping, sipping, and watching the sunset? Check! In-villa massage and private chef? Check, check. Read more”



“Located on the northern shores of St. Barts island in the Caribbean, Villa WV RKU is the intersection of spacious contemporary design nestled in island paradise. RKU’s simplistic and modest decor allow visitors to fully realize it’s expansive panoramic views without distractions. Strong geometric designs and contemporary layout perfectly juxtapose a surreal exotic backdrop. Truly a place where time neither exists nor matters. Read more”



“The St Tropez of the Caribbean, this tiny 8 square mile island in the French West Indies is a celebrity haven that blends sophistication and elegance with the laid-back vibe. With 22 fantastic beaches and 100 odd restaurants, it’s all about slow living and relaxing. Stay at Villa WV AMS and book at WIMCO Villas.”



“Just as St. Barts is the destination for people looking for somewhere a little different and special, so too does WIMCO – at all of it’s many destinations – offer a special way to get away.”



“…one great charm of this type of vacation is the sense of stepping into a local’s existence – and discovering a destination in a way you never would otherwise. You get to go to the local boulangerie on St. Bart’s and get your Paris-worthy morning croissants from the same baker year after year. In Tuscany, you wake up surrounded by the vineyards that create the Chianti you’ll drink with dinner that evening. You, and your family and friends, gain an unparalleled sense of place.”



“WIMCO, which acts as the reservation agent for more than 1,200 villas in the Caribbean, maintains real-time availability on its Web site. Stiles Bennet, the marketing director for WIMCO, encourages last-minute vacationers to search the site and, ‘if they see a hole in the schedule,’ pick up the phone. ‘During peak season the minimum stay is seven days,’ he said. ‘That said, if you are making a last-minute inquiry, tell us what you need.”



“St. Barts has a handful of hotels, however renting a private home or ocean-front villa is much more popular with visitors. In this sense, St. Bart’s sets itself apart from other Caribbean destinations that favour large hotel chains and hotel rooms lacking intimacy or personal touch.



“Caribbean aficionados know that WIMCO has some of the best properties in the region, but the company also rents villas in Morocco, Italy, Greece, France and England.



“There’s no lack of compelling reasons why the moneyed and famous escape to St. Barts: Caribbean breezes, perfect sand, and French sophistication set to island time, to name just a few. But while the superrich visit this paradise by megayacht and expensive hotel suites, the savviest traveler knows that the best way to chill out on St. Barts is to book a private villa.”



“To be sure you get the right villa and avoid any hiccups in stocking, staffing or transportation, we recommend using a company like WIMCO (West Indies Management Company).”



“The market for villas was always there with the high-end…but now the word is out!”



“At WIMCO, customer support includes agents who help make the right villa match, inspectors who make sure each villa is up to snuff and on-island personnel who are available for help during a rental.”



“The hyper-sophisticated island of St. Barts has its share of swanky hotels, but if privacy takes priority over turn down service, a villa is an attractive alternative.”



“For all of St. Barts’ charms, nothing topped hanging out “at home”, and the highlight of every day was to dive into an infinity-lipped pool and breathe in la vue des reves – the view of dreams.”



“By the definition, everyone living on St. Barts appears to manifest a highest level happiness quotient. The salubrious effect of this happiness, like that of the reoccurring rainbow, spilled over into Villa Jardin.”



“But there’s this one particular harbour
So far but yet so near
Where I see the days as they fade away
And finally disappear
But now I think about the good times
Down in the Caribbean sunshine
In my younger days I was so bad
Laughin’ about all the fun we had”




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