The Top 15 Beach Bars & Clubs in Anguilla

The Top 15 Beach Bars & Clubs in Anguilla

Anguilla’s beaches are a gorgeous backdrop to your vacation, and what better way to enjoy them by kicking back at one of the island’s many beach bars?

There are a variety of beach bars in Anguilla, from sandy reggae clubs where you can dance the night away on the beach to upscale bars offering gourmet dinners with a view. This island has it all. 

Below, we’ve profiled the best beach bars and clubs, detailing where they’re located, why we love them, and even offering a few insider tips as well. 

Savi Beach Club

Savi Beach Club

Overview: Savi Beach Club in Anguilla offers a relaxed and refined atmosphere with stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. 

Expect music by professional DJs, Italian-Japanese fusion food, and delicious cocktails. This is also one of the best spots in Anguilla for a late night out. 


Insider tip: On the weekend, arrive before noon to get seats with the best views of the beach.

What we love: The excellent service, including valet parking and attentive bar staff. 

Location: Meads Bay, The Valley

Phone number: +1 (264) 772-7284

Price range: $$$ - $$$$

The Beach Club at The Manoah Boutique Hotel

The Beach Club at The Manoah Boutique Hotel

Overview: The Beach Club at The Manoah Boutique Hotel in Anguilla is an excellent choice for a relaxing time in elegant surroundings. 

With fantastic views over Shoal Bay, the shimmering turquoise ocean will draw your gaze - as will the stunning sunset. This Anguilla beach club is casual and easygoing.

Insider tip: Tables next to the sand offer clear views of the ‘green flash’ at sunset.

What we love: The menu changes from laid-back beach bar at lunch to elegant restaurant in the evening.

Location: Shoal Bay East, Shoal Bay Village

Phone number: +1 (264) 498-5900

Price range: $$ - $$$

SunShine Shack

SunShine Shack

Overview: The SunShine Shack is a vibrant beachside bar with good vibes. 

Reggae music provides rhythms to match the waves lapping at the shore, and this Anguilla establishment is an ideal choice whether you're looking to chill out on a lounger with a cold drink or dance the night away.


What we love: Their signature rum punch, mixing several local rums with fresh tropical juice, is a great way to cool off. 

Location: Near Anguilla Great House, Rendezvous Bay

Phone number: +1 (264) 476-0649

Price range: $$ - $$$


Overview: Madeariman, an enticing beach bar in Shoal Bay, offers delicious cuisine and fantastic service. 

Rent one of the beach chairs right on the sand to sip your drink while admiring the sparkling Caribbean Sea. This beach bar serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, focusing on fresh seafood.

Insider tip: Visit on the weekend to catch some live music, and even karaoke!

What we love: Their cocktails are amongst the most creative in Anguilla. 

Location: Shoal bay east, Shoal Bay Village

Phone number: +1 (264) 497-5750

Price range: $$ - $$$

Blanchards Restaurant and Beach Shack

Blanchards Restaurant and Beach Shack

Overview: A feast of delicious Caribbean flavors, Blanchards Restaurant and Beach Shack is a favorite amongst locals and visitors alike. 

Their menu is loaded with fresh, beachy-style foods like poke bowls, fresh salads, and fish tacos. The beach shack is ideal for casual food, while their restaurant provides a place for a sit-down meal.

Insider tip: Happy hour here goes down between 4pm and 6pm every weekday.

What we love: Their fish tacos will have you returning again and again to this beach bar. 

Location: Meads Bay, The Valley

Phone number: +1 (264) 497-6100

Price range: $$-$$$

Straw Hat

Straw Hat

Overview: A celebrated restaurant in Anguilla, Straw Hat is at the Frangipani Beach Resort. A fantastic choice of beach bar if you’re looking for a gourmet meal alongside immersive views over the Caribbean. 

The menu spans fresh seafood, grilled meats, and salads, but everything is as fresh as can be and presented beautifully.

Insider tip: Arrive early for breakfast or lunch to grab one of the beach chairs.

What we love: Their commitment to local produce sourced from farms and fishermen on Anguilla.

Location: Frangipani Beach Resort, John Hodge Rd, Meads Bay

Phone number: +1 (264) 497-8300

Price range: $$$ - $$$$

Elvis' Beach Bar

Overview: Infectious fun awaits at Elvis’ Beach Bar, a breezy restaurant and bar that embodies the Caribbean spirit. 

The owner, Elvis, has a huge personality, with plenty of tales to tell. This is a place where you can sip on punchy rum while scrunching your toes in the sand, relaxing during the day and partying after dark.


What we love: The nachos here are famous in Anguilla, and for good reason.

Location: Sandy Ground, Road Bay

Phone number: +1 (264) 476-0101

Price range: $$

Half Shell Beach Bar

Half Shell Beach Bar

Overview: This elegant beachfront bar is located on Barnes Bay, part of the Four Seasons Resort and Residences. 

Sophisticated yet laid-back, this intimate lunch spot affords guests incredible views over one of Anguilla’s prettiest beaches while they enjoy the sumptuous seafood and cocktails.

Insider tip: Half Shell Beach Bar is only open for lunch, but you can also organize a one-of-a-kind private dinner here.

What we love: This beach bar's understated decor and intimate feel make it feel like a secret spot in Anguilla. 

Location: Barnes Bay

Phone number: +1 (264) 497-7000

Price range: $$$ - $$$$

Dune Preserve

Dune Preserve

Overview: Music fans will want to make a pilgrimage to Dune Preserve, a vibrant beach bar located on Renedzvous Bay. 

Owned by Bankie Banx, Anguilla’s own reggae star, this is a beach bar all about grooving to some island rhythms - even Banx takes to the stage to entertain his guests. 


Insider tip: On Sundays there’s often a Caribbean barbeque for lunch - call to find out if it’s on.

What we love: This bar is made from the remains of a shipwreck, driftwood, and battered coconut trees. 

Location: Rendezvous Bay

Phone number: +1 (264) 729-4215

Price range: $$ - $$$

Tropical Sunset Restaurant & Bar

Overview: Tropical Sunset Restaurant & Bar presents an opportunity to laze your afternoon away, sipping cocktails, and enjoying the slow-pace of one of the best beaches in Anguilla: Shoal Bay. 

The menu has all the favorites, from burgers to grilled meat and seafood.

Insider tip: The hammocks strung up between the grape trees are perfect for a post-lunch nap in the sea breeze. 

What we love: The front-row seats to the picturesque Shoal Bay are one of the most stunning in Anguilla.

Location: Shoal Bay, Shoal Bay Village

Phone number: +1 (264) 497-2076

Price range: $$ - $$$

Gwen's Reggae Grill

Overview: At Gwen’s Reggae Grill, the smooth reggae beats match the swaying palm trees dotted around Shoal Bay. 

With the island breeze blowing, this beach bar is relaxing and ideal for an afternoon in the sun, a lunch of grilled chicken and ribs, and sipping on a rum punch—island bliss.

Insider tip: Visit on Sunday afternoons to hear some live music from a local band.

What we love: Gwen’s personable nature, and her ability to do everything, from serving drinks to grilling the chicken. 

Location: Shoal Bay Beach, Shoal Bay

Phone number: +1 (264) 583-2120

Price range: $ - $$

Johnno’s Beach Stop

Overview: Opened in the 80s, Johnno’s Beach Stop is one of the original and best beach bars in Anguilla. Plenty of live music and a varied menu makes this a tempting spot no matter the type of traveler you are.

On Sundays the live music kicks up a notch, with Jazz at Johnno’s taking place from 1pm to 4pm.

Insider tip: This restaurant is famed for its freshly caught whole snapper fish.

What we love: There’s no dress code here - you can walk right in from the water, dripping and sandy. 

Location: Sandy Ground

Phone number: +1 (264) 497-2728

Price range: $$ - $$$



Overview: For those island travelers craving some creative tapas, SandBar nestled on the shores of Sandy Ground is your best bet. 

Spread over two levels and with gorgeous sunset views, this is a chance to sample several different dishes while soaking up the last light of the day. Regular live music performances add to the vibrant atmosphere of this beach bar.

Insider tip: Portion sizes are good, but be prepared to order 3-4 plates per couple. 

What we love: The tapas-style menu offers plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. 

Location: Sandy Ground Road, Sandy Ground

Phone number: +1 (264) 498-0171

Price range: $$ - $$$

Uncle Ernie’s Beach Bar

Uncle Ernie’s Beach Bar

Overview: Another historic Anguilla beach bar, Uncle Ernie’s has been operating on the shores of Shoal Bay since 1984. 

It’s a classic, with exceptional grilled lobster, a famous conch stew, and the cheapest beer on the island. In short, everything you could want while admiring the white sands of Shoal Bay Beach.

Insider tip: Make sure to bring cash, as this is one Anguilla beach bar that doesn’t accept credit cards. 

What we love: The chilled-out island atmosphere and bargain prices. 

Location: Shoal Bay Beach, Shoal Bay Village

Phone number: +1 (264) 498-0171

Price range: $ - $$

Lit Lounge

Uncle Ernie’s Beach Bar

Overview: Beach bar, cocktail lounge, and pizzeria rolled into one, Lit Lounge is a catch-all for discerning island travelers looking for a fantastic time. 

Cocktails are prepared by the island’s top mixologist, and the DJ takes over on weekends, playing music until the early hours of the morning. A spot to dress up if you’re staying late.

Insider tip: Reserve a table on the upper VIP deck for the best sunset views.

What we love: They also have a small menu of Asian-inspired tapas for snacks. 

Location: Sandy Ground

Phone number: +1 (264) 476-9966

Price range: $$ - $$$

WIMCO’s Insider Tips 

  • Consider the vibe: Anguilla offers a variety of experiences. Beach bars like Elvis' Beach Bar and Johnno's Beach Stop are known for their laid-back atmosphere and local feel. Alternatively, Sandy Ground Village's SandBar, Savi Beach Club or Half Shell Beach Bar provides an upscale experience, perfect for a more sophisticated beach day.
  • Choose the right spot: Shoal Bay is popular with many options, but for a potentially more secluded experience, check out Sandy Island or Meads Bay.
  • Bring cash: Not all beach bars accept cards, so be prepared. US Dollar is widely accepted. 
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FAQ for Beach Bars in Anguilla

Beach casual is the norm. Swimsuits with cover-ups are perfectly acceptable, while some nicer beach clubs might recommend light, comfortable clothing.

Most bars have live music, DJs or other entertainment, especially at sunset and on weekends. Others have a more laidback vibe. Check schedules on bar websites.

Some do, some don't. It's a good idea to check with the specific beach bar or club beforehand or plan to bring your own beach towel and umbrella.

Alcoholic drinks typically range from $8-$22, depending on the bar and the type of drink.

For most beach clubs, reservations are not required but are highly recommended. Especially for popular clubs during peak season. Calling ahead or booking online will guarantee you a spot.

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