The WIMCO Villas Advantage


When everything you want is combined with everything we know the result is the most special vacation possible


Representing 1,850+ of the finest 1-10 bedroom villas, spread across 38 vacation destinations from the Caribbean, to North America to Europe



Your WIMCO villa vacation specialist has the local knowledge, so they can help you select the right villa or hotel based on your needs and desires


Included when you book with WIMCO – flight reservations service, booking rental cars, activities, restaurants, private chefs - saving you time, and reducing the stress of vacation planning, so you can enjoy more time with your friends and family


The Villa Vacation Experience

It's All in the Details

Ensuring your comfort by routinely inspecting all our properties

Experience You Can Count On

With 38 years of experience - When you travel, our clout is your clout

More than Meet and Greet

Our concierge team is your trusted vacation planning ally

How to Decide Where to Vacation Next?

Unsure about how to find the luxury vacation rental that is right for you? For most people, there are two paths.

The first is a self-service search approach, which probably starts at Google, with you making various searches, seeking inspiration, potentially losing hours of time in search of answers.

The second path is seeking out the services of a trusted travel advisor or agency. WIMCO's knowledgeable villa specialists work to understand every detail of your vacation needs, and then find the right destination and the ideal private villa or hotel that meets those needs and desires.

Full Service Let our team do the work for you Contact a WIMCO villa specialist

Website Search Use the helpful links below to explore our portfolio of private villas

Destination pages Caribbean, Italy, Private Island Resorts

Types of villas For large groups, For couples, Fully Staffed Villas, Special Reserve Collection

Vacation themes Villas on the Beach, New Years Eve in the Caribbean, Spring Break in the Caribbean, More

What services are included in the price of the villa rental?

WIMCO is a full service travel company. We can take care of every aspect of your trip, from booking a villa, to setting up your international and local flights, to reserving your rental car and setting up arrivals service in your final destination.

There is no extra charge when you book with WIMCO. Once you arrive, a representative will greet you, orient you to the villa, then be available to you 24/7 to assist with anything you want to do during your vacation.

In addition, we will reserve anything you want to set-up in advance, from restaurant reservations to private chef, to grocery delivery, and special outings and experiences.

What our clients are saying about WIMCO

What are the pros and cons of using a villa vacation rental company?

When deciding where to look for your luxury vacation rental, you can choose to work with a reputable vacation rental company or choose to seek out rentals from homeowners directly. Here are some pros and cons of using a luxury villa vacation specialist to find a villa rental or hotel for your vacation.

Pros of using a vacation rental company

Access to the best villas – most luxury vacation home owners will not rent them out directly, they prefer to list their villa with a trusted agency. Reputable agencies only work with high quality properties because their reputation is on the line.

Access to local knowledge – talking with a professional who has visited the destination and toured villas there saves you time, and ensures you won’t rent a luxury vacation rental that isn’t a good fit for you.

Protection of your money, and your experience – Vacation rental companies act as your agent when issues arise with your flights, vacation rental or any service provider you use during your vacation. It’s an added layer of protection. Best price guarantee – Villa rental agencies will honor a lower posted price if it is valid, so you are guaranteed the best pricing in the market.

Cons of using a vacation rental company

Reduced product selection – villa rental agencies hand-pick the villas they represent, and they do not represent every vacation rental property in every destination in the world, reducing your selection.

No direct relationship with a homeowner - when you rent directly from a homeowner it's more likely that you will have the option to form a personal relationship with the owner than if you were renting through a vacation rental company.

How to book your luxury villa rentals

WIMCO provides two choices to make a reservation for one of our luxury villas.

Full-service approach.

Send us an inquiry detailing what you are looking for, or call us at 401-849-8012, and one of our knowledgeable villa specialists will contact you. This expert will talk with you to gain an understanding of what you desire, and what your traveling group looks like. Then we will research the best available options and present them to you for your consideration

The website search approach.

The search tools and filters on allow you to very precisely search for the best available luxury vacation rentals, then refine them to narrow down the options. Have a question about a specific villa or villas? You can speak to a villa specialist at any time. Ready to start your villa search?

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