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The Season on St Barts


Whether you will be visiting St Barts this winter, or just dreaming about it, the online forums at sbhonline are the place to get the scoop on the new news…who has been to the new restaurants, where is the best place to pick up wine and cheese for a beach picnic, where the best deals can be had and more.

Sbhonline FORUM NEWS

This online community of St Barts lovers continues to grow and thrive. It is so gratifying to see forum members organize events both on and off the island, and for so many of you to turn up at them... some recent examples:
- 3 dozen people for a dinner at Andy's Hideaway
- 2 dozen folks gather for a cocktail party at villa WV EMM
- 38 people for a dinner in Alexandria Virginia
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Check out hundreds of photos from last years photo contest, plus lots of recent photos from posts. So prolific! Keep 'em coming.


Monsieur Le President and his team were busy the last few years improving roads, and adding sidewalks throughout the island. If you haven't been to St Barts in a while you'll be pleased to know that you can now walk comfortably on a sidewalk from the beach at Lorient to the beach at St Jean! The road from Petite Saline up over the hill to Grand Fond and Toiny also has a sidewalk now, providing a treking route with spectacular views.
Even better news, there is no significant road work being done now! Well actually, there is some work being done in Gustavia along the waterfront leading to the Hotel de Ville, but our scouts tell us it will be done by November.

Taste of St Barts Celebrity Chef Event
Nov 8-11

The Tourism Committee of St Barts is organizing three nights of gourmet dining events featuring two French Chefs and one Swedish chef, all running Michelin starred restaurants. The dinners will be held at Le Toiny, Eden Rock and Le Sereno. Call ahead for reservations.
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Villa News Sbhonline seeks to be a premiere source of villa rental information, whether you are a self-serve vacationer looking to book a simple villa directly or are looking for a higher quality accommodations with a high touch service experience, sbhonline can help guide you to a good choice. You can start with our sortable villa list, or go to the villa rental resources page. Of course we encourage you to ask fellow forum members what they think too.


Hotel News Sbhonline is building out its list of independent hotels on St Barts, and is also adding more information about small cottages and inns. To help you sort through the options without having to make dozens of calls we added a "Hotel Advisor" feature where you can ask an expert to find out what is available for your dates at your desired price point.


Restaurant News Restaurant News The ever changing landscape remains one of the main draws of the island. Did you know that we added a restaurant rating and review page? Many of you have ventured over there, and we invite all forum members to drop in and rate your favorite bistros and bars


- The Taiwana Hotel took back management of its dinner menu and service, and Pacri is not on the island.
- Andy's Hideaway Café has completed massive and costly renovations, is now serving foie gras under glass and Chateau d'Yquem. Oh no, wait, that's Eden Rock. Just kidding, but there are attractive new tables and chairs and other updates, and it still has the best pizza, salads and prices on the island.
- Black Ginger is a new Thai restaurant, with a stunning Asian inspired décor. It replaces Entre-Deux in Gustavia which has closed. Preliminary reviews in the forum are very positive. The new owner is said to be a former manager at Nikki Beach.
- Boulangerie Choisy in Gustavia has changed hands as of October 1. It is now being operated by the team from Harbour Saladerie, Thierry, Gilles and Patrick, as well as returning staff. It will continue to operate as a boulangerie, as it has since 1912.
- Pipiri Palace, has a new owner, Rodrigue, who was associated with Chez Joe/Aerosnack, the airport restaurant, at one point. The menu has been updated, with new items added. Some familiar ones remain, such as the Ribs, and the Warm Chocolate Cake "backed just for you".
New owners have opened a restaurant called Les Coulisses de St Barth, in the space formerly occupied by Harbours. There is a Tapas section on the menu, with prices starting at €8. One of the Harbour's Saladerie favorites, the Duck Breast with Honey, is on the menu, but there is no word as to whether the coin-shaped frites, which were previously served with the duck breast, have also returned. Les Coulisses continues to offer pizza in addition to their regular menu, with prices starting at €11.
St Barth Spice, a new family-operated Creole restaurant, has opened on the road leading from Merlette down into Flamands. The menu has appetizers averaging €10, and no menu item is listed at more than €20. There are four different Accras (fritters) on the menu, the traditional Salt Cod, as well as Lobster, Shrimp, and Conch. There are several different Colombos and Ragouts offered as main courses, and Hamburgers (lunch) and Steak (dinner) for those who don't enjoy Creole cuisine. The Fricassee de Lambi, aka Creole Conch, is the menu item that catches my eye.
Restaurant News Restaurant News - Thi Widi, a Creole restaurant, has replaced Ti Zouk K'fé on La Pointe in Gustavia. The Thi Widi menu is similar to the Ti Zouk menu
- Manapany Hotel experienced with La Voile Rouge this summer, and now has a variation of that this winter. It's worth a trip down to Anse de Cayes to have lunch there
- BeefBar, the St Barth outpost of a small European chain, replaced Le Strand, only to close within months and to be in turn replaced by a new incarnation of Le Strand.


- Le Carré, a restaurant owned and operated by Franck Mathevet, former Executive Chef and Owner at Wall House, replaced 88, the open-air Greek restaurant next to the Le Carré d'Or shops in Gustavia in late 2012. Le Carré is open for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Popular menu items include the Grenouillettes (Chicken Wishbones cooked in the style of Frog's Legs) from Franck's menu at Wall House, two kinds of Sliders (Mahi or Bacon Burger), and Smoked Salmon Bagels. (Yes, Bagels on SBH!)
- L'Esprit de Saline has departed, replaced by L'Esprit de Jean Claude, which is owned and operated by Chef Jean Claude Dufour, who was formerly the Executive Chef at Eden Rock. L'Esprit de Jean Claude is arguably serving some of the best food on the island, with the menu changing based on availability
- The former chef from L'Esprit de Saline has moved down the road to the former PaCri location, where he now operates Meat & Potatoes. M&P offers some great beef, as well as other options including several vegetarian choices. Beef offerings include a 1000 gram (35 oz.) Beef Chop for 2 (€69), and a 600 gram (21 oz.) Chateaubriand for 2 (€70). Vegetarian Plates include two, three, and four vegetable options


- Le Tamarin, in the Saline neighborhood, has closed.
- The Hotel Carl Gustaf has closed, with no public word on if/when it might reopen. The Carl Gustaf Lounge, with its great sunset views, has closed along with it, as has Victoria's, the hotel restaurant.
- Le Piment – rushing to complete required updates to conform to code. The owners hope to reopen, but some question whether it will be possible. See all Restaurant News


It's going to be a great season on St Barts, and you can enjoy it all vicariously through the forums on sbhonline. Teaser...view trip reports!
Thanks to all of you who contribute great content and photos. Keep 'em coming.