WIMCO Villas, Vacation at St Barths Villas

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Enjoy WIMCO and think your friends might, too? We appreciate your referrals, and would like to thank you with a gift! If your friend is new to WIMCO and books a villa vacation, you'll earn a travel award for the introduction. Plus, your friend will receive one of three special gifts, too!*


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*A valid referral is considered to be anyone who does not currently exist in the WIMCO database. You will earn your reward once the valid referral books (and travels) on their first reservation with WIMCO. Your reward can be redeemed for a free rental car credit, up to $500, on any future booking. There is no limit to how many referral rewards you can earn, but only one reward may be redeemed per traveled reservation. This offer can not be combined with other offers.

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