Anguilla Villas with Chef and Staff

Enjoy three star dining in the privacy and comfort of these exceptional villas, on both the north and south coasts, on Shoal Bay, Meads Bay and other popular beaches.

To get the most out of your stay in Anguilla, you want a luxury villa with private chef service and other staff. All meals will be customized to your desires and served at your convenience. Theres no waiting for a table at a restaurant or eating your meals in a room full of noisy strangers.

Prefer to enjoy a homemade breakfast while lounging in your pajamas on the terrace? Want your dinner served under the stars by the pool? No problem! Your wish is your private chef's command.

When booking a villa with a chef from WIMCO, you can choose from two different experiences:

  • Anguilla Villas with Chef Service Included

  • Luxury Villas with Amazing Kitchens - Private Chef Service Available

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Luxury Villas With Amazing Kitchens
Private Chef Service Available

Planning to celebrate a special occasion during your vacation, such as an anniversary or a birthday? Do you want to enjoy a special holiday dinner for your crew? Then, you'll love the large professionally equipped kitchens in these luxury villas that have everything a chef would need to whip up a gourmet meal. 

While these properties do not come staffed with a private chef, WIMCO’s concierge team can make arrangements to have one come to your villa. In most cases, you'll be able to hire a private chef for whatever time frame you desire -- whether that's for one meal, an entire day, or even all of your meals during your vacation. 

The only exception is the busy holiday season. During this period of time, some chefs require that you book them for a minimum number of meals or days. 

These private chefs are paid by the hour, with the average cost ranging between $75 and $150 an hour. On average a chef will work three to five hours total per meal. This covers the time necessary for shopping, prep work, cooking, serving, and final cleanup. 


What Is The Difference Between Villas With Chef Services Included And Villas Where Chef Services Are Available?

At WIMCO, we pride ourselves on handpicking only the best luxury villas in Anguilla for our clients. Our portfolio includes stunning properties on Meads Bay, Little Bay, and Shoal Bay. 

You can choose from two different types of villas with chef service. They are:

Villas with Chef Services Included: These beautiful villas are fully staffed with a private chef, a butler, as well as a housekeeping team. All of these services are included in the price of these exceptional properties. You'll definitely feel pampered and well taken care of when you stay in one of our fully-staffed villas. 

Villas with Chef Services Available: These properties give you the flexibility to choose to have a chef or not. All the properties in this collection boast large kitchens that are fully equipped with the necessary tools to craft gourmet meals for you and your guests. 

In most cases, you can choose to book a private chef for one meal, two meals, or for your entire vacation. The exception is during the busy holiday season, when you may have to commit to a minimum number of meals or days. 


What Can You Expect From Your Private Chef 

We have handpicked a select number of talented private chefs to work in our villas. Their duties will vary depending on numerous factors, including the number of other staff members working in your villa, the type of meal or event you will need them for, and the number of guests they will be serving. The following is a list of duties that an Anguilla villa’s private chef would generally take care of for you and your guests:

  • Planning the menu(s) or meal(s)
  • Tailoring dishes to the dietary restrictions and requests of guests
  • Determining upfront whether you want to add a server or butler to enhance the service
  • Getting agreement on the budget for the meal(s)
  • Shopping for all ingredients, beverages
  • Preparing meals
  • Setting the table and serving
  • Clean up and leave the kitchen is spotless at the end

Your chef may need more staff members on hand to help with service for larger events. If so, you can contact WIMCO's complimentary concierge service to arrange for a butler or additional wait staff. 


What Other Staff Is Included In These Villas? 

Each of our Special Reserve Collection villas is staffed with a private chef and a housekeeping team. In addition, many of our Special Reserve Collection villas also include butler service. That means you won't have to waste any of your valuable time shopping, cooking, cleaning, or performing other small tasks you'd rather not do while on vacation. Your butler, for example, can help you book excursions, such as snorkeling or sailing. 

WIMCO also provides a complimentary concierge service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will assist in booking your international flights to Anguilla, arrange arrivals service, set up a rental car, and book any special experiences you desire, all well in advance. 

We will always go above and beyond when trying to fulfill your requests or to find the answers that you need. At WIMCO, we want to ensure that you will be able to fully relax and create some wonderful memories in Anguilla. 


What Services Does WIMCO Villas Provide To Our Clients Vacationing In Staffed Villas? 

At WIMCO, our concierge team prides itself on creating seamless vacation experiences for our clients. We will assist you with all the components of your vacation, including, but not limited to:

  • Booking your flights
  • Helping you find the perfect Anguilla villa for your stay
  • Booking excursions and experiences during your stay in Anguilla
  • Making reservations for all of your transportation needs before, after and during your trip
  • Coordinating and executing any special events you'd like to host during your trips, such as a birthday party or an anniversary celebration

At WIMCO, you can be assured that we will work tirelessly to ensure that you will get the most out of your vacation time in Anguilla. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Villas With Chef & Staff In Anguilla

The cost of the food and beverages required for meals is not included in the price of our Anguilla villas with staff. A client is asked to do some preliminary meal planning prior to arrival and then is presented with a request for a deposit prior to arrival to cover the cost of shopping for the first few meals. Then the remainder of the food bill is paid as the shopping is done, and then again at the end to make a final settlement.

In most cases, yes. Chefs can be reserved even if you just need them for one meal. The exception is during the Christmas and New Year's Eve holidays. This is a busy period of time for chefs, so many will only accept reservations for a full day or week of service, as opposed to a single meal.

Each of our Special Reserve Collection villas in Anguilla is staffed with a private chef or cook and a housekeeping team. A few of our larger villas also come with a butler. These staff members will work together to shop for all of your groceries, including beverages, prepare and serve your meals, keep your villa clean, and take care of household chores and your errands.

There are, a few differences between a private chef and a cook, including:

Private chefs

  • Who have worked in top restaurants and/or for catering companies
  • Are formally trained
  • Can offer you and your guests a gourmet, fine-dining experience in the comforts of your own villa

Villa cooks

  • Have experience working in regional restaurants or cooking for local families
  • Specialize in serving up home-cooked, family-style meals